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Temporary Transfer

A Temporary Transfer is a transfer that proposes to temporarily change the place of use of a water right.  A temporary change in point of diversion or appropriation may only be made if it is necessary to convey the water to the new temporary place of use location. 

A water user may temporarily change the place of use of a water right to allow a right attached to one parcel of land to be used on another parcel. A temporary transfer may not exceed a period of five years. This type of transfer is typically used for crop rotations or other rotational uses of water. The application for a temporary transfer is the same as the permanent transfer; however the required map does not have to be prepared by a CWRE. 

Except under limited circumstances, Oregon law does not authorize a temporary change in the type of use of a water right. The Department can revoke a temporary transfer if the change results in injury to other water rights.

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