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Estimates for a Pre-Defined Watershed

The Department has delineated and estimated characteristics more than 3,000 watersheds in Oregon. To get peak discharge estimates from an ungaged but pre-defined water availability basin (called a WAB), go to the Peak Discharge Estimation Mapping Tool

  • Select the Search tab and zoom to the area of interest using a TRSQQ or Lat/Long of the basin of interest. The pre-defined WABs are outlined in brown polygons. 
  • Select the Pour Point tab and zoom to the downstream end of the WAB of interest. 
  • Click on the Icon and drop a point at the location where the WAB polygon that intersects the stream line. You’ll see a message that says “A stream has been selected. If you would like to run the Peak Discharge Model for this point, complete the form below and click 'Submit'. You will be emailed when your report has completed.”
  • Ignore the message and select the WAB Report to view the peak discharge report for the WAB.