​​​​​​The first cycle of the EIF closed on December 1, 2020. Despite having a portion of the funds rescinded by the Legislature during budget rebalancing in August 2020, the program was financially beneficial for all employers. For details about cycle 1, read the information below. For information about a future cycle of EIF, go to Future of EIF.​​​​​

Please know that side accounts are still an option. If you are interested in learning more about side accounts or what they can do for your unfunded liability, go to the Side Accounts webpage or contact Actuarial.Services@pers.state.or.us​.​

Cycle 1 results

Funds matched for 2019: $41,555,879.58

Funds matched for 2020: $20,645,579.22

Employer Incentive Fund by the numbers

Where did the money go?

​​​​School districts
​Charter schools
Education service districts
Special districts​
Community college
State agency​

EIF matches for Oregon counties

Co​unty​EIF match​County​EIF match
​Hood River

Information through December 7, 2020.
EIF approved employers list.

Future of EIF

Thank you to all employers who participated, or expressed interest, in the Employer Incentive Fund. This was a novel approach to reducing employer contribution rates and we hope to be able to offer the program in the future.

Ongoing funding for the Employer Incentive Fund will be provided by proceeds from sports betting, and PERS received the first transfer in December 2020. However, funding is not expected to be as significant as the first EIF cycle’s $100 million appropriation.

Looking ahead, PERS would like to align the next cycle with a rate-setting year so all payments are accounted for within the rate-setting valuation.

PERS will continue to develop rules and a timeline regarding the next EIF cycle. We will share that information on this website, in the Employer Newsletter, and on GovInvest.

As a reminder, as an employer, you can establish a side account at any time. Once you establish a side account, you can make up to two additional payments per side account per year with no additional fees.​

For assistance​​​

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, email Side.Account.Legislation@pers.state.or.us.

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