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This page provides links to reference guides for Oregon PERS-participating employers. The guides are provided by the Employer Service Center to help you understand PERS and how to report employee data correctly.

Employer Reporting Guides

Welcome to PERS reporting


Overvie​w of P​ERS

Understand PERS’ three retirement plans, obtaining and maintaining membership, retirement benefits, and options.


Employer Requirements and Support

About employer obligations, getting support, and staying informed.

Learning the basics


Reporter Roles and EDX Access

Responsibilities of web administrators and payroll specialists in managing an employer's EDX account​.


Creating a Report

How to report employee data to PERS with Regular reports and Demographics and Adjustment reports.


Creating a Record

How to report employee wages and demographics with Detail 1 - Member Demographics records and Detail 2 - Wage and Service records


Correcting Suspended Records

Errors that can cause record submissions to fail and how to fix the errors.

Hiring a new employee


Reporting a New Employee

How to report a new or returning employee.


Hiring a PERS Retiree

Guidelines, restrictions, and instructions for employing a PERS retiree.

Reporting wages and contributions


Reporting Wages for a Qualifying (Full-Time) Employee (Coming Soon)

Example of how to report wages and hours for an individual employee.


Reporting for a Non-Qualifying (Part-Time) Employee (Coming Soon)

How to report for part-time employees and how to report contributions on salary earned while not working.

Reporting status changes


Reporting a Leave (Coming Soon)

About different types of paid and unpaid leave and how to report them in EDX.


Reporting Military Leave (Coming Soon)

How to report time away from work for military duty and how to fulfill USERRA requirements.


Reporting a Retirement (Coming Soon)

Information on retirement eligibility, helping employees prepare for retirement, and reporting a retirement.


Reporting a Disability Retirement (Coming Soon)

How to qualify for disability benefits, apply for benefits, and return to work.


Reporting a Termination or Death

How to inform PERS that an employee has left your employment or died.


Calculating Unused Sick Leave Hours at Termination or Retirement (Coming Soon)

How to calculate the number of unused sick leave hours to report for a Tier One or Tier Two employee.

Confirming and changing information


Reporting or Changing “Average Ove​rtime”

How to choose the value of average overtime hours on a new-hire record or DCR.


Completing Work List Requests ​(Coming Soon)

How to address requests PERS sends through your Work List, including voluntary contributions, last day of paid leave, termination, and data verification.


Creating a Demographic Correction Request (DCR) (Coming Soon)

How to submit or receive a correction request to or from PERS.


Viewing Employee Information (Coming Soon)

How to use this EDX function to find an employees’ address, salary, or voluntary-contribution information.


Changing Employee Demographic Information (Coming Soon)

How to change an employee’s address, name, incorrect Social Security Number, or job class..


Submitting an Adjustment Record​ (Coming Soon)

How to change wages reported for a prior reporting period.


Running Reports

About the five types of reports EDX can run, such as a list of employees eligible for contributions.

Paying for PERS


Understanding Your Statement (Coming Soon)

Explanations of the charges and credits listed in each section of your monthly statement.


Paying Your Invoice (Coming Soon)

How to pay your invoice through Automated Clearing House (ACH).


Sending an Encrypted Message to PERS (Coming Soon)

How to use this EDX function to communicate with the Employer Service Center (ESC).

Employer Reporting Quick Reference Guides

EDX Wage Codes

Definitions of wage codes used on a Detail 2 Wage and Service record.

EDX ​Status Codes

Definitions of status codes used on a Detail 1 Member Demographics record.

EDX Job C​lass Codes

Definitions of job class codes used on a Detail 1 Member Demographics record.

Detail 2 Wage and Se​rvice Fields

Descriptions of the different salary, payoff, and contribution fields on a Detail 2 Wage and Service record.


Definitions of terms used in PERS reporting.

Choosing the Best Record and Report Types

Checklists of what type of reports and records are best to use when reporting wages and hours, employment status, and demographic information.

EDX Site Navigation Menu Items

A list of all the functions on the EDX main Site Navigation menu and what they allow you to do.

Determining Qualification for a Partial Year

How to determine if a position worked for less than a full year is ​​"qu​alifying" or "non-qualifying."

Actuarial & Financial Guides

Guide to Understanding Your Rate

This guide breaks down all the components that make up your PERS contribution rate.

Guide to Understanding Your Valuation

State and Local Government Rate Pool employers
School Districts Pool employers
Independent employers

This guide, provided in three editions, shows the most important pages in your valuation and what the information on those pages means.

Guide to Understanding Unfunded Actuarial Liability

Understand what UAL is, what causes it, the different UALs that employers are currently paying off, and how to reduce your UAL rate.

Guide to Understanding Pooling

State and Local Government Rate Pool employers
School Districts Pool employers

This guide, offered in two editions, explains how employer pooling works, how it stabilizes your rate, and how to join (SLGRP only).

Guide to Financial Modeling

This guide helps you understand the annual financial modeling presentation and how you can use the information for budgeting and forecasting.

Guide to Pension Obligation Bonds (Coming Soon)

Prior versions

Employer Manual (2016)
Employer Help Files (A to Z)
EDX User Guide (2011)
EDX Reporting Quick Reference Guide (2017)
EDX File Format and Development Guide (2022)
EDX User Quick Info (A to Z)
EDX Reporting Terms (webpage) ​