​​​​Each September, members who have not retired from their Individual Account Program (IAP) can make a “Member Choice" election, which allows you to pick a Target-Date Fund (TDF) that better reflects your retirement savings goals or your personal risk tolerance. Learn more on the IAP Target-Date Funds webpage.

Follow these steps to make your election in Online Member Services (OMS) from September 1-30.


Step One

Log into OMS. Please make sure you have OMS open in only one web browser or tab.​



Don't have a login? 

Click Open a New Account on the login page and follow the prompts. Once you have created your account, use your new User ID and Password to log into OMS.

Need help?

Find resources at the bottom of this page.


Step Two

Click the Member link listed under Account Type.



Step Three

Click the View/Update IAP TDF Information link from the Site Navigation sidebar on the left, or the Next Calendar Year IAP TDF link at the bottom of your Account Summary page.



Step Four

You are now on the main IAP TDF Information page. From this page, you can:

  • Review your current IAP TDF.
  • Choose a different TDF for the upcoming calendar year. (Remember: You can only do this once during the annual Member Choice election window from September 1-30.)

Click Add New TDF to proceed.



Step Five

You are now on the IAP TDF Election page.

Your Current IAP TDF shows the IAP TDF you are invested in for the current calendar year.

Notice: You must read Oregon State Treasury's Understanding IAP Target-Date Funds and Member Choice document if you want to choose a different TDF for the next calendar year. You also can read the disclosure statement on Treasury's IAP investment information page (

Use the Select TDF dropdown menu to choose a TDF for the upcoming calendar year.



Step Six

Review the 10 IAP Target-Date Funds listed in the Select TDF dropdown menu. Select your new TDF.



Want to know more about the IAP Target-Date Funds?

Before making your selection, you are required to read about the investment strategies, risks, and return characteristics of each TDF on Treasury's IAP website or read Treasury's Understanding IAP Target-Date Funds and Member Choice disclosure statement.


Step Seven

Confirm your Next Calendar Year IAP TDF is correct and click Next.



Step Eight

Before you check the acceptance box and click Submit:

Important: Once you check the acceptance box and click Submit, your choice is irrevocable and cannot be canceled. Y​ou can only change your TDF once per calendar year. Your choice will remain in effect unless you make a new election during a subsequent year's election window.



Step Nine

Check the acceptance box, and click Submit.



Confirmation of your IAP TDF election

A confirmation message will display when you successfully complete your TDF election. You should print or save this page for your records.

Your IAP TDF Information page will now show the TDF you chose for the upcoming calendar year.


You also can verify that your Next Calendar Year IAP TDF displays from your Account Summary page.



Additional Resources

Note: As PERS works to modernize online access for members, please use Internet Explorer in compatibility mode when logging into your OMS account. Other web browsers may experience functionality issues.

Return to the IAP Target-Date F​unds webpage.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), PERS will provide documents on this page in an alternate format upon request. To request a document in an alternate format, call 888-320-7377 (toll free) or TTY 503-603-7766.