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Public Employees Retirement System

​​Notice: If you are having difficulties finding a notary for your Service Retirement Application, you can submit your application without notarization and later re-submit that page once completed. PERS now accepts documents with remote online notarization by vendors that meet the requirements of the Oregon Secretary of State. All forms still must be received before your effective retirement date.

Current Mem​bers

Tier One/Tier Two

Pre-retirement Guide

Service Retirement Application packet 

Other retirement forms may be needed beyond those included in the packet. Find them on our Tier One/Tier Two Forms page.

Beneficiary designations:

Benefit estimate requests:


Pre-retirement Guide

Service Retirement Application packet

Other retirement forms may be needed beyond those included in the packet. Find them on our OPSRP Member Forms page.

Benefit designations*:

IAP Pre-Retirement Designation of Beneficiary Packet 

*Note: No form exists for designating an OPSRP pension beneficiary. By law, beneficiary options for OPSRP pensions are limited. If you die before retirement, PERS will only pay a death benefit to your spouse, your former spouse under a court order (such as a divorce decree), or to any other person required to be treated like a spouse for the purpose of retirement benefits.

Benefit estimate requests:

Retired Members​

W-4P-OPSRP (Use this version of the W-4P form if you were hired as an OPSRP member [hired after August 28, 2003])
Information Change Request (Name/Address Change) (Please note you must also fill out a new W-4P form if you also need to make tax withholding changes)
​Residency Status Certification (Some Tier One members only. View the tax remedy information page for more details. This form does not change your tax withholding.)

Inactive Members

**Notice for OPSRP members** Due to Senate Bill 1049, if you withdraw on or after July 1, 2020, you will completely cancel your membership in the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System, i​ncluding forfeiting your right to a pension or OPSRP withdrawal benefit. Read more.

Date of Birth Change Request Notice: Please use this new form if you need to update your date of birth.​

Other Forms

Special Power of Attorney​ - This form gives the person(s) you designate the power to make any and all decisions for PERS-related matters on your behalf. 
Authorization to Release Account Information​ - This form allows you to authorize a third party to obtain information regarding your PERS account or benefits.​​