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WCB divisions

WCB Divisions

Photograph of WCB Hearing roomHearings Division

Jacqueline M. Jacobson, Presiding Administrative Law Judge (PALJ)

The Hearings Division ensures timely and impartial resolution of Oregon workers’ compensation and Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Oregon OSHA) disputes. 

Methods to achieve dispute resolution
  • Administrative Law Judges  conduct hearings that result in the issuance of an Opinion and Order
  • Motion decisions
  • Review and/or approve of settlements between the parties
  • Provide mediation services
Hearings are held in the following locations. Contact information for ALJs and their judicial assistants is available on this website.

Staffed offices


Remote offices


Hearing locations
Klamath Falls 
The Dalles 
Portland State Office Building

Photograph of Board Review division staffBoard Review Division

WCB consists of five full-time members appointed by the governor to four-year terms, subject to confirmation by the Oregon Senate. 

  • Two members have a background and understanding of the concerns of employers
  • Two members have a background and understanding of the concerns of employees
  • One member represents the interests of the public and serves as the chairperson, who is the administrative head of the agency
Board members
  • Provide timely and impartial resolution of disputes appealed from the Hearings Division
  • Approve Claim Disposition Agreements and Disputed Claim Settlements
  • Review disputes about the processing of “Own Motion” claims under ORS 656.278
  • Resolve disputes arising from third-party settlements/judgments
  • Review Crime Victim Act cases appealed from the Department of Justice
  • Consult with the chairperson about the hiring of ALJs
  • Take part in adopting/amending administrative rules
Members must impartially apply the law and may not represent any special interest. In making case decisions, the members may sit together “en banc,” which includes all five members, or in panels of two or three. A concurrence of a majority of the members participating is necessary for a decision whether sitting "en banc,” or as a panel. 

Board orders are appealable to the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Photograph of Administrative Services division staffAdministrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division (ASD) is the operational center of WCB and provides support to the other two divisions. 

Services include  
  • New Case Intake (Requests for Hearing and Settlement)
  • WCB Portal management and maintenance
  • Docketing
  • Hearing notice production
  • Interpreter services
  • Litigation coding
  • Record retention
  • Facilities/Leasing
  • Risk management
  • Contracts and billing
  • Mail processing
  • Statistics
  • Payroll
  • Personnel
  • Liaison with DCBS Central Services
  • Policy Review and Maintenance
  • Business Continuity

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