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Oregon Standard Drawings and Oregon Standard Details


January 2017 Update Notes

Standard Drawings
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Januaru 2017 Update Notes

ODOT no longer produces a printed version of the Standard Drawings.  The Drawing number will appear Bold if there have been any changes to the content.  The Baseline Report for the drawing contains the information about any content change. 

Hardcopy prints are discontinued - see Letter to Holders of Hardcopy.


Updated - January 2017 - The 2015 Standard Drawings are current with the 2015 Specifications for projects with a bid opening date between 1 June 2017 - 30 Nov 2017.

The Effective Date shown on the drawing is in reference to the bid date of the project. Standard drawing updates are not intended to affect projects that are under contract.


The purpose of Oregon Standard Drawings and Oregon Standard Details is to provide information as a convenience to those who access them.  These Drawings and Details are also intended to communicate design standards and practices to the Design Engineer.
What are Standard Drawings?
Standard Drawings are stamped by an ODOT Engineer of Record and  are backed by engineering analysis, calculations, and/or other justification to support them.  Standard drawings are available for use on public work projects, but cannot be modified by designers on a project-by-project basis.  It is the responsibility of the project professional of record that standard drawings are used as originally intended.  Standard drawings are compliant with Oregon Standard Specifications.
What are Baseline Reports?
Baseline Reports are additional data for a designer to use.  This gives background and assumptions used in the development of the standard drawing.  This report date is shown on the standard drawing.
What are Standard Details?
Standard Details are tools used to quickly add detail to a specific project.  Generally these fit into 3 scenarios.  1)  A template that needs project specific data added.  2)  A new design style that is being tried, or  3)  The item is not used often such that updates may need to be added.  Standard Details may require modification by the project professional of record.  Standard Details are intended to be the responsibility of the project professional and as such incorporated into the project plans.
What is the Effective Date?
On each Oregon Standard Drawing there is an effective date.  The drawings are used by multiple government agencies and not all include Standard Drawings in the plan set.  The bid date of the project will be in the range of the effective date.  This assists with identifying the correct drawing for the project.  The Standard Drawing is valid for the life of construction of the project. 

Oregon Standard Drawings
RD numbers
BR numbers
TM numbers
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Baseline Reports

NOTE:  All Baseline Reports are now included on the Drawings web pages.

Oregon Standard Details
 DET 1000 - DET 1999
 DET 2000 - DET 2999
 DET 3000 - DET 3999
 DET 4000 - DET 4999
 DET 5000 - DET 5999
 DET 6000 - DET 6999

Printing Tips and Tricks
January 2006
All .pdf files on this site are by default set for 81/2" x 11" paper printers.  These files are also adjustable to fit onto 11" x 17" paper.  1)  Select the <properties> button on the "Print" screen to change the paper size and 2)  make sure "Page Scaling" is set to "Fit to Printer Margins."

The drawings are PDF files only.  Each folder, named by effective date, contains one file for each Oregon Standard Drawing.
Discontinued Drawings are listed in this file, with information about where the data might now be found.

Change Request Form
See something that needs correcting?  Have a great idea to share?  Use our Change Request Form.  All requests are forwarded to the ODOT Technical owner for review and possible implementation.
Request for Change to Standard Drawings

Other Resources
Process Document
Qualified Products List (QPL)
ODOT Stamping Policy  (For ODOT Employees Only)
Standard Drawing Orders  - Contact Contractor Plans Office (503) 986-6936


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Standard Drawing Engineer
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