Permit services

The division provides permit and safety inspection services for elevators. Elevators, escalators, chair lifts, and other devices require operating permits (which are renewed annually), as well as permits for installation, alteration, and modernization.


Please purchase elevator permits online:

Elevator ePermitting guides


General safety inspections are scheduled by inspectors every two years for elevators in operation.

To schedule an inspection for an installation, alteration, or modernization of an elevator in the state, follow these steps:

  • ​First, determine the inspector assigned to the area where you need an inspection. View assigned inspector/area chart​.
  • Second, contact the inspector by phone or email to schedule an inspection​. Schedule at least a week before the day that you want the inspector to be on site.

Report equipment and owner changes

Use this online form​ to report changes to elevator equipment, ownership and billing information.​

Accident reports

The state records any accident that occurs on an elevator, escalator, lift, or other equipment regulated by the Oregon Elevator Safety Program. When an accident is caused by the equipment, or when an injured person needs hospital care, ORS 460.045(7) requires the following:

  • Equipment must be shut down immediately
  • The Chief Elevator Inspector must be contacted via t​he 24-hour accident line: 503-991-8977
  • Equipment may not be altered, repaired, or put back into service until it has been examined by a state elevator inspector
  • An elevator accident report must be filed with the division. Reports are filed online at the elevator ePermitting​ website. Review these instructions before filing a report.

This reporting process does not supersede any other law or rule requirements, such as reporting to the appropriate insurer or Oregon OSHA in the event of a workplace injury.

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