Permit services

The division provides permit and inspection services for the installation, alteration, repair, and operation of boilers and pressure vessels throughout the state.


​Installation permit

An installation permit is required before installing, altering, or repairing a nonexempt boiler or pressure vessel. If​ an owner is performing the work, a permit is required if the vessel is located in areas described in OAR 918-225-0600(c)​. A minor repair permit may be used for repairs described in OAR 918-225-0612​.

Permit applications for contractors performing the work:

Permit application for property owners performing the work:

​Operating permit

An operating permit is required before placing a boiler or pressure vessel into service.​ If the boiler or pressure vessel is nonexempt, the inspector will complete a registration which begins the process to obtain the operating permit.

Boilers and pressure vessels exempt from permits

Boilers and pressure vessels that meet specific requirements may be exempt from permitting. Learn about these at ORS 480.525 and OAR 918-225-0600.


Installation inspections can be performed by a certified inspector employed by the state or an inspector acting on behalf of the insurance company providing coverage on the vessel. Operational inspections may be done by a state boiler inspector or insurance inspector. The frequency of inspections varies depending on the type of boiler or pressure vessel. Questions can be directed to the state inspector that serves your area.

​Note: Individuals interested in becoming a commissioned boiler and pressure vessel inspector can learn more at the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors website. Information about scheduling the National Board InService Commission Examination​ to become an inspector is available on the AMP business website.

Change of insurance provider or policy coverage

State law requires insurance agencies to report within 30 days any change of insurance provider or interruption in policy coverage. Changes may include new agency/business, reinstatement, discontinuance (including suspension), or cancellation of insurance. Agencies should use the Insurance Agency of Record Change​ form online.

Search for a boiler or pressure vessel

Locate a boiler or pressure vessel in the state's data system or generate specific reports through the boiler site search​.

Report minor repairs

Contractors should use the Boiler Minor Repair Permit Log to report minor boiler and pressure vessel repairs.

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