Air Quality

In response to recent concerns of metal emissions and deposition around Portland area manufacturing facilities, the Oregon DEQ developed a statewide web map to display the current status of air quality monitoring and assist with planning future projects. This map contains the locations of known glass manufacturers and other DEQ and Lane Regional Air Protection Agency permitted facilities that may emit metals, however, this is not an exhaustive list and may change upon further research.


The web map provides the annual glass usage and a list of metals likely associated with each of the glass manufacturers, if available, as well as location, facility description and permit number for each DEQ and LRAPA permitted facility. Additional details for both include proximity to locations of concern, such as day cares, schools and health care facilities. 


The web map also provides information on DEQ’s current, completed and future air monitoring around the state, as well as data from a focused soil sampling and a recent USFS moss study in the Portland metro area. Additional information on these stations includes sampling dates, analytes monitored and the quality assurance plan, if available.


Data downloads   

Air quality data


Sampling and analysis plans

Air quality monitoring

Soil sampling

USFS Moss Sampling


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