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State Home Oil Weatherization Program

With the Oregon Department of Energy’s State Home Oil Weatherization (SHOW) program, eligible homeowners can apply for cash payments for installing energy-saving heating equipment and for making home weatherization improvements. Keeping the cold out during winter and the heat out during summer is one of the best things you can do to reduce home energy costs.

SHOW Program Administration & Rulemaking

Administration of the SHOW program will move to Oregon Housing & Community Services​ (OHCS) in January 2018. Check back on this page for updates.

We are conducting a rulemaking to ensure the SHOW program is ready for its transition to OHCS. More information is available on the SHOW Rulemaking webpage​. The amendments to SHOW will take effect December 31, 2017.

Applications recieved before December 31, 2017 will be processed under the current SHOW rules.

Applications received on or after December 31, 2017 will be processed under the amended rules. As proposed, the amended rules remove a specific list of eligible heating fuels and require the dwelling to receive space heating primarily from a fuel oil dealer. 

Is my home eligible for the program?

The SHOW program serves homes and rental properties that are primarily heated by oil, propane, kerosene, butane, or wood. Homes primarily heated with natural gas or electric heat do not qualify for SHOW cash payments.

How do I know if I need heating or weatherization improvements?

Attic Insulation 
Complete the Energy Audit Checklist.

You can complete the checklist yourself, or have a contractor complete it. The checklist audits your entire home, from the efficiency of your furnace to the insulation ratings in your attic, walls, and floors. Once you know what needs improvement, you can choose which work to complete.

Which improvements are eligible for cash payments?

Eligible homeowners can receive a cash payment of up to 50% of the total cost of the following improvements, while funds last. 

Receive a cash payment up to $500:

Receive a cash payment up to $200:

Receive a cash payment up to $100:

How do I apply for my cash payment?

Have a licensed contractor complete the work and sign the Oregon Department of Energy’s SHOW Application​. Or, if you complete the work in your home yourself, you can fill out the form.

If the work is on a rental property that you own, fill out the SHOW Application for Rental Homes​ form.

Mail us your Energy Audit Checklist, Energy Cash Payment Form, and your receipt or proof of purchase within one year of the work’s completion.

Receipts must be dated, itemized, and marked that the work has been paid in full. If a contractor completed the work, the receipt can include materials and labor. If you complete the work yourself, the cost should be for the product or materials only (no labor costs).

After the Oregon Department of Energy receives all required paperwork, we will process your application and send you your cash payment check. SHOW cash payments are available as long as there is funding.

All energy efficiency improvements must meet the program’s installation standards, and may be inspected upon request.

I represent a Community Action Agency. How do I apply?

​Community Action Agencies and other agencies that help low-income households complete weatherization and energy conservation improvements may receive a cash payment on behalf of the homeowner if he or she meets the income guidelines for the U.S. Department of Energy's Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program.  

You can fill out the CAP Agency SHOW Data Sheet/A​pplication and ret​urn to the Oregon Department of Energy.

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