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​September 21-22, 2017 / Boardman ​Item B & F: Carbon Dioxide Rulemaking - Phase 1
Item C & G: Structural, Geologic, and Seismic Rulemaking
  • Staff Report with Attachments
    -  Att A: Initial Proposed Rule Language (redlined)
    -  Att B: Final Proposed Rule Language (redlined)
    -  Att C: August 9, 2017 Public Notice on Rulemaking
Item D: Amendment Processes Rulemaking Update
Item E: The Climate Trust Financial Audit Update
Item H: Wind Specific Public Health & Safety Rulemaking
Item I: Mist Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility, Temporary Order on Amendment 12: Requests for Contested Case
Item J: Columbia Ethanol Project, Proposed Order on Amendment 1
  • Staff Report with Attachments
    -  Att 1: Comments on Proposed Order from CTUIR
    -  Att 2: Draft Final Order in the Matter of Request for Amendment 1
Item L: Montague Wind Power Facility Pre-Construction Update
  • ​Staff Report with Attachments​
    -  Att A: Montague Phase 1 Wind Project Raptor Nest Survey Report
    -  Att B: Summary of 2010 Avian Use Surveys for the Montague Wind Power Facility
    -  Att C: 2017 Rare Plant Surveys for Montague Wind Power Facility - Phase 1
    -  Att D: 2017 Washington Ground Squirrel Surveys and Habitat Mapping for Montague Wind Power Facility - Phase 1
    -  Att E: Mitigation Plans (E-1 Habitat Mitigation Plan, E-2 Revegetation Plan (coming soon!), E-3 Wildlife Monitoring and Mitigation Plan
August 18, 2017 / Teleconference ​Item B: Structural and Geologic Rulemaking Update
Item C: Carbon Dioxide Rulemaking - Phase 1 Update
Item D: Mist Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility - Council Review of Request for Amendment 12 and Proposed Order on Amendment 12
​July 27-28, 2017 / Hood River / Meeting Minutes Item B: Wheatridge Wind Energy Facility Hearing
Item C: Wheatridge Wind Energy Presentation
Item D: Montague Wind Power Facility
Item E: Public Guide
Item F: Compliance Update Presentation​
Item G: Amendment Rulemaking Background
  • (See Staff Report under Agenda J)
Item I: Amendment Rulemaking Hearing
Item J: Amendment Rulemaking Hearing / Action​

Thursday's PowerPoint Presentation
Friday's PowerPoint Presentation​

​June 23, 2017 / Salem / Meeting Minutes ​Item B: Avangrid Solar Project Declaratory Ruling Hearing
Item C: Montague Wind Power Facility

​May 25-26, 2017 / Salem​
Meeting Minutes
Item A: Consent Calendar
Annual Wildlife Monitoring Reports for Public Comment
Item H: Amendment Process Rulemaking (Complete Packet)
​April 28, 2017 / Boardman
Meeting Minutes​

​Item B: Fish and Wildlife Habitat Mitigation Policy Presentation

Item C: Wheatridge Proposed Contested Case 

  • Staff Report
  • Staff Presentation (see PowerPoint Presentation below)​

Item D: Wheatridge Draft Final Order  

Item F: Amendment Rulemaking (Staff Report and attachments)

Item G: Financial Assurance Staff Report​

PowerPoint Presentation

March 23, 2​017 / Teleconference​
Meeting Minutes​​
Item B: Avan​grid Declaratory Ruling​
Item C: Boardman to Hemingway Use of Consultant​
Feb. 23-24, 2017 / The Dalles
Meeting Minutes​​​
Item B: Wheatridge
Item C: Sage-Grouse Rulemaking
Item G: Golden Hills
Item H​: Amendment Rulemaking​
Jan. 19, 2017 / Salem
Meeting Minutes​

​​​Item C: Staff Report
Item E: Staff Report​
Item I: Presentation
Item J: Staff Report
Item K: Staff Report
Item L: Staff Report
Item M: Staff Report
Nov. 3-4, 2016 / The Dalles​
Meeting Minutes​
​Item B1: Staff Report
Item C1: Staff Report
Item D1: Staff Report
Item E: Presentation
Item B2: Staff Report
Item C2: Staff Report
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