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Oregon individuals and organizations investing in alternative fuel instrastructure or fleets may be eligible for a Transportation Tax Credit.
Electric vehicle charging stationTransportation tax credits are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note: EIP tax credit programs are scheduled to sunset at the end of tax year 2017, which means final applications for some projects may be due as early as December 31, 2017.​

What projects qualify?

  • Construction of alternative fuel infrastructure, such as electric vehicle charging or compressed natural gas systems
  • Purchasing or modifying alternative fuel vehicle fleets

Am I eligible?

Individuals, businesses, nonprofits, tribes, or other organizations in Oregon are
eligible to apply.

How much is the tax credit?

Tax credits are awarded up to 35 percent of the project’s eligible costs.

Application Process

  1. Prior to any purchase, read the current offering (when available) and reporting guidelines.
  2. Fill out the initial application (see table below).
  3. If your project has been selected by ODOE for a tax credit, complete the project as proposed.
  4. Once the project is completed, fill out the final application​​.​

Program Offerings

​Type Offering ​R​equired Materials
​Infrastructure None available Final Application
​Fleets None available Final Application​​
New Vehicle Supplement
Conversion Supplement​