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Our project will span five years because we’ll be converting roughly 56,000 luminaires; is there a maximum time for implementation of the projects?
Yes. According to Oregon Administrative Rule 330-210-0080(6)
 “A preliminary certification remains valid for a period of three calendar years after the date the department issues the original preliminary certification or until the sunset of the program, whichever comes first.”
 A very large project might have to be proposed in phases. However, selection of one phase would not ensure success of other phases in future competitions.
The project will retrofit existing luminaires, not replacing the entire fixture; is a retrofit of existing luminaires allowed? (I note that retrofits are not allowed for SPP)?
Yes, a retrofit project may apply to compete under this Opportunity Announcement. The Small Premium Project (SPP) part of the program is prescriptive and therefore has different criteria as the department has to ensure compliance in a pre-qualified setting.
Question on page 3, Section 6, "Line C" reads "If retrofit, current age of existing equipment (B must be > C)", why the change from the previous application form in the Spring of 2012?
The form was updated.

In this section we are trying to determine how much service life remains.  If the equipment is beyond its service life, we no longer consider it a retro fit (a code system would replace the existing equipment as a baseline system).