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Stimulus Funds Help Replace Old Woodstoves
Larry Calkins, Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality
Ann Grim, Oregon Dept. of Energy
In Oregon 1-800-221-8035
When temperatures drop to the low 30s as they did the night of September 22, Bruce and Nancy Froemke of Klamath Falls like to fire up their old woodstove to take the chill off. Bruce has repaired the 20-year-old woodstove numerous times and they weren’t sure how many more winters it would last.
But, thanks to a special woodstove replacement program for Klamath Falls homeowners, the Froemkes have a new certified, efficient and reliable woodstove as their primary heating source this winter. The program provides a rebate for homeowners with a qualified replacement and a fully paid replacement for qualifying low-income homeowners.
“It will be used as much as possible this and every ensuing heating season,” said Nancy. “We really appreciate it.” Bruce, a retired brick mason, even built a new hearth for the new woodstove.
The Oregon Department of Energy awarded $2 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus) funds to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for woodstove programs in Klamath Falls, Lakeview, Oakridge and the Burns/Hines area to assist homeowners in replacing old, inefficient woodstoves.
DEQ is working with South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD) for the woodstove replacement programs in Klamath Falls and Lakeview. Lane Regional Air Protection Agency in Oakridge, and Senior and Community Services Center in the Burns/ Hines area. The programs assist homeowners who currently use old, inefficient and uncertified woodstoves as a primary source of heat. The program offers a complete rebate for a certified appliance for homeowners who qualify as low-income and a partial rebate up to a maximum of $1,000 for those who qualify regardless of income. DEQ expects to replace nearly 800 woodstoves.
Woodstoves that are old and uncertified can waste up to 60 percent of the wood burned in them and are very polluting, This program is in areas that DEQ has targeted due to their poor air quality and high use of uncertified woodstoves.
The low-income program offers a complete rebate to low-income homeowners who want to change out their uncertified woodstove for a premium efficiency certified woodstove, a pellet stove, ground or air-source heat pump or a minimum 92 percent efficient gas, propane or oil heating device. The cost of the appliance and installation will be fully paid for those that qualify.
The partial rebate program offers a $500 rebate to any homeowners regardless of income who want to change out their uncertified woodstove for a premium-efficiency certified woodstove, a $750 rebate for a pellet stove, and a $1,000 rebate for qualifying non-wood heating device.
Applicants must verify that their old stove has been destroyed by having a signed certification from a recycling company. The old stoves may not be reused or sold.
Interested homeowners in Klamath Falls/Lakeview should call SCOEDD at (541) 884-5593 for program details. In Oakridge, homeowners should call Lane Regional Air Protection Agency at (541) 736-1056.  In the Burns/Hines area, homeowners should call Harney County Senior and Community Services at (541) 573-6024. The woodstove replacement programs will continue until funds are depleted or February 1, 2012, whichever comes first.