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Residential Energy Tax Credits​
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With the Oregon Department of Energy’s Residential Energy Tax Credit, homeowners or renters can apply for a tax credit on their personal Oregon income taxes for purchasing eligible energy-efficient products and energy systems for their homes.

Waiting on your 2017 Residential Energy Tax Credit? Current processing time is about ten weeks from the time we receive your application.

RETC Program Sunset

The RETC program sunset on December 31, 2017. 
To qualify for a tax credit:
  • RETC devices must have been purchased by December 31, 2017;
  • Devices must be operational by April 1, 2018; and
  • ODOE must receive your application no later than June 1, 2018.
Solar photovoltaic​ applications must be initially input into PowerClerk​ by a tax credit technician on or before December 31, 2017. 

If you plan to transfer your tax credit, ODOE must receive the pass-through application on or before June 1, 2018. Please review the RETC Administrative Rules for more information about program eligibility and requirements. 

How do I apply?

After purchasing and installing qualifying equipment, fill out the corresponding tax credit application and submit to the Oregon Department of Energy with your receipt or proof of purchase. Applications are available for download on the qualified devices pages.

Your dealer, contractor, or technician may also have application materials available. 

If your equipment meets our qualifications, we will send you a tax credit certificate (for solar photovoltaic projects, you will receive a confirmation email from PowerClerk). Applications are processed in the order we receive them, so be sure to turn them in as soon as possible to start using your credit!

For questions about how the credit may work for you, your personal tax liability, or how to claim the credit on your taxes, please contact your local tax professional or the Oregon Department of Revenue​ .​

Please note it may take up to seven business days for your credit to show up in the Department of Revenue's system.

What qualifies for a tax credit?

There are a number of energy-efficient devices that qualify for a RETC.

Our program keeps track of the latest technology and products, so we keep the most current list of qualifying equipment, systems, and services on our website. Please note that some systems require installation by an Oregon Department of Energy-approved tax credit technician.

Am I eligible for the tax credit?

You may be eligible for the Residential Energy Tax Credit program if you purchase qualifying equipment for your Oregon-based primary residence, secondary (vacation) home, or residential rental property. Only items eligible at the time of purchase will qualify, and you must be the owner of the new equipment.

How much is the tax credit?

The maximum tax credit for each qualifying purchase depends on the cost of the improvement and the energy saved. Credits can range from about $100 up to $6,000. See the RETC Rate Charts for more information.

Can I transfer my tax credit?

Our pass-through option allows someone who buys qualifying equipment, systems, or services to transfer an energy tax credit to an individual, estate, trust, or business subject to tax under Oregon Revised Statute 316  . The equipment owner is responsible for finding a pass-through partner, which must have a personal Oregon income tax liability.

On your RETC application, check the box that says "I want to transfer my credit..." After we receive your RETC application, we will send you a pass-through application to complete.

For tax questions or advice, potential applicants and pass-through partners may contact a tax advisor or the Oregon Department of Revenue .
Eligible RETC Devices 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ RETC Administrative Rules​​​​​​
2017 RETC Rate Chart ​​​​​​​​​​​​​
2016 RETC Rate Chart ​​​​​​​​​

RETC Rulemaking​

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