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Physician Visa Waiver Program

Foreign Physicians Helping Underserved Areas

The Primary Care Office (PCO) helps coordinate the placement of foreign physicians in under-served areas of the state through the Physician Visa Waiver Program. 

Right now, many Oregonians do not have access to a primary care doctor in their community. This is mainly true for rural areas of the state, but also applies to some urban and suburban communities. The Physician Visa Waiver Program helps address this issue by allowing international medical graduates to remain in the United States if they work in a federally designated shortage area. 

This program is also known as the "Conrad Program" or the "J-1 Visa Waiver Program." 

The program allows Oregon to sponsor 30 waiver applications per federal fiscal year, October 1 - September 30. An application fee of $2,000 helps fund the program. 

Program year 10/1/17 - 9/30/18 is full!

Oregon has received 15 applications and has reserved the remaining 15 slots for physicians with signed employment contracts for 2018. Three additional doctors are on the waiting list. 
Although all slots are filled, we will continue to accept applicaations and hold them until the start of the program year on October 1, 2018. The physician can then start work as soon as the waiver is issued. Please contact Dia Shuhart, Program Coordinator, at 503-373-0364 before starting the application process.

Summary of Program Year 2017

All 30 slots were filled for the second straight year!
Primary Care - 19       Specialists - 11       Urban - 22       Rural - 8       Female - 8       Male - 17
Please read the attached J-1 Visa Waiver Program Summary for important information.

Our mailing address is:
Physician Visa Waiver Program
OHA-Health Policy & Analytics
500 Summer Street NE, E-65
Salem, OR 97301
Please examine and use the updated application form below. 
Application Forms

Please visit the Department of State and obtain your tracking number in advance. The employer and the J1 physician need to work together to complete the application. The Administrative Rules (OAR 409-035) explain the program requirements and steps necessary to complete the application process. Below are the forms you will need:

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