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Oregon Immunization Program VFC Orientation

Orientation for VFC Providers

Day-long presentations are offered twice a year for public and private VFC/317 providers. Presentations are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Public Clinic Orientation

September 6th, 2017 - 800 NE Oregon Street, Room 1B
Presentation Topics Presentor
Welcome:The Intersection between Public Health and Clinical Practice
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
VFC and 317 Overview
Mimi Luther
Preparing for a site visit and new coordinator tool
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
Self Assessment PDF file
Task List PDF file
Albert Koroloff and Gil Garrott
Current Issues in Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
Suffer the Infants PDF file
CD Summary - Mumps PDF file
CD Summary - Pertussis PDF file
Tila Liko
School Law Update
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
Guide to Printing School Records from ALERT IIS PDF file
Stacy de Assis Matthews
Communicating Effectively with Vaccine-Hesitant Parents
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
Nadine Gartner, Boost
ALERT IIS Overview- Data quality, Vaccine Management, Accountability & the Oregon VFC Program
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
Learning Resources List PDF file
Kerry Lionadh and Erin Corrigan
Improving Childhood Immunization Rates
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
AFIX Information Sheet PDF file
Rex Larson and Scott Jefferies
Standing Order updates, VAERS & ACIP updates
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
PE 43 Information Overview PDF file
PE 43 Full Document PDF file
Amanda Timmons

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