Rules Proposed and Adopted


Written Comments due by November 22 @ 5:00 pm

OAR 847-008-0070 Continuing Medical Competency (Education)

The proposed rule amendment implements HB 3359 (2017), section 34, which requires the Oregon Medical Board to encourage physicians specializing in primary care, geriatrics, or other specialties designated by the Board, to obtain continuing medical education (CME) in the detection and early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and in the appropriate prescribing of antipsychotic drugs to treat patients with Alzheimer's disease.  The proposed rule amendment also implements part of SB 48 (2017), section 1, which requires the Oregon Medical Board to document the completion of any CME in suicide risk assessment, treatment, and management and report data to the Oregon Health Authority biennially.

The proposed rule amendments incorporate changes at the direction of the House Health Care Committee, which specifically asked for additional restrictions on in-office anesthesia.  Four goals were established through a collaborative process with the Nursing and Dental Boards: (1) require ASA physical status evaluation and documentation​; (2) prohibit Level II or III office procedures for patients with ASA IV or above; (3) specify that only licensed or permitted anesthesia providers may administer office anesthesia; and (4) require the facility to have a transfer plan.​

OAR 847-050-0005; 847-050-0010​ Supervising Physicians to include Podiatric Physicians

The proposed rule amendments are necessary to allow podiatric physicians and surgeons to become Board-approved supervising physicians for PAs as required by SB 831 (2017).​


The proposed rule amendments are conforming amendments as required by HB 3363, which clarifies that doctors of osteopathic medicine practice medicine as physicians and eliminates all references to the inappropriate terms "osteopathy" and "osteopath."​

OAR 847-050-0041 Prescribing and Dispensing Privileges

The proposed rule amendment is necessary to allow physician assistants who are practicing outside of rural or underserved areas and who have dispensing privileges to be able to dispense Schedule III and IV controlled substances.​

OAR 847-035-0030 Scope of Practice

The proposed rule amendment (1) requires EMS providers to honor POLST orders executed by naturopathic physicians, and (2) allows Emergency Medical Responders to administer epinephrine by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection after completing an Oregon Health Authority-approved course. 


OAR 847-008-0010 Initial Registration

The rule amendment clarifies that applicants for initial licensure must report during the application process any changes in information previously provided or any new information that becomes available. Updates must be made within ten business days. Such new information may include newly filed or resolved malpractice claims, adverse actions taken by health systems or regulatory bodies, arrests or convictions, and other information that would be relevant to the license application.

The rule amendments and proposed new rules specify that an applicant who has withdrawn the application for licensure or whose application has been denied may submit a new application for licensure two years after the date of withdrawal or denial.​


The rule amendment will update the requirements for clinical clerkships and preceptorships in line with current medical education programs. The remaining rules are repealed for general housekeeping purposes because these are outdated, unneeded, and duplicative.​