Rules Proposed and Adopted


Written Comments due by August 25

OAR 847-008-0010 Initial Registration

The proposed rule amendment clarifies that applicants for initial licensure must report during the application process any changes in information previously provided or any new information that becomes available. Updates must be made within ten business days. Such new information may include newly filed or resolved malpractice claims, adverse actions taken by health systems or regulatory bodies, arrests or convictions, and other information that would be relevant to the license application.

The proposed rule amendments and proposed new rules specify that an applicant who has withdrawn the application for licensure or whose application has been denied may submit a new application for licensure two years after the date of withdrawal or denial.​


The proposed rule amendment will update the requirements for clinical clerkships and preceptorships in line with current medical education programs. The proposed repeal of the remaining rules is needed for general housekeeping because these are outdated, unneeded, and duplicative.​

OAR 847-070-0016 Qualifications for Licensure

The proposed rule amendment allows an applicant to request a waiver of the requirement to pass the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) exam within four attempts. If a waiver is granted, the acupuncture applicant will be required to pass the exam on the fifth attempt to qualify for licensure. 


OAR 847-​050-0041 Prescribing and Dispensing Privileges

The rule amendment allows a physician assistant to prescribe and dispense buprenorphine for medication-assisted opioid dependency treatment if the PA is authorized to prescribe Schedule III-V medication, holds a DEA buprenorphine waiver, is authorized to dispense if the PA will dispense buprenorphine, has a supervising physician whose practice includes buprenorphine for MAT, and the practice agreement includes buprenorphine as a delegated medical service.


OAR 847-035-0030 Scope of Practice

The rule amendment (1) adds "hemorrhage control" to the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) scope of practice, which will allow use of multiple modalities such as tourniquets and bandages; (2) adds "emergency moves for endangered patients" to the EMR scope of practice; (3) allows intraosseous infusions to be performed by Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs) for all patients, not just pediatric patients; and (4) moves intraosseous infusion of lidocaine for anesthetic from the EMT-Intermediate scope of practice to the AEMT scope of practice.

OAR 847-003-0100​ Declared Emergency - Delegation of Authority

The rule amendment clarifies that the Board Chair may exercise authority vested in the Board in the event of an emergency.