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Welcome to the Provider Time Capture (PTC) Homepage!

Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) is currently working on the Provider Time Capture (PTC) project, an IT solution that is expected to deliver significant improvements for Consumers, Providers, and State Staff. Once implemented, it will replace the paper voucher process with an electronic system for tracking authorized hours and time worked.
Currently, Providers are given paper voucher time sheets for each Consumer they provide service. Providers are responsible for recording the hours they work on each voucher, which are then turned in to field offices around the state and manually entered by field office workers.
PTC does away with all paper voucher time sheets. Providers will record their time utilizing either a mobile or browser-based application. Processing of time entries will be automated, reducing the workload on DHS staff.

Here you will find information and resources regarding the rollout and support of the new PTC solution for Home Care Workers (HCWs), select Personal Support Workers (PSWs), and Service Recipients.



The PTC project was originally scheduled for implementation starting in early 2019. However, it was determined that work should first be completed on another information technology project known as Integrated Eligibility (IE). After receiving this update, the Department re-evaluated its proposed approach to the PTC project and decided to couple PTC with implementation of a new Fiscal Management Agent Service to allow for a fully integrated system that will encompass payroll. This more comprehensive system will be managed by Public Partnerships Limited, the original vendor contracted for the provider time capture system.

We are excited about the opportunities the expanded project will ultimately bring to our employees, our consumers and our provider base.



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Consumers will be able to view and approve their provider's hours online.
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In addition to the online portal, a mobile app will be available for time entry.
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What is the current Go-Live date for PTC?

Go-Live ​for the Pilot implementation date TBD.

Go-Live for the Statewide implementation date TBD.

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Who will be required to use the PTC system?

All HCWs and PSWs (for AMH) will be required to use the PTC system for time entry for services to compy with federal mandates.

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When will I receive training on the new PTC system?

Training for the new PTC system will begin ​4-6 weeks prior to implementation of the system.

There will aslo be "make-up" There will also be post implementation training options available for those that miss the training prior to implementation.

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When will I receive training on the new PTC system?

Training for the new PTC system will begin 4-6 weeks prior to implementation of the system.​


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