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Oregon Provider Time Capture

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All Homecare Workers and Personal Care Attendants enter their time electronically. The system we use is called OR PTC DCI.​


New system updates are coming to OR PTC DCI on June 2, 2023. Details about the system changes are discussed in the OR PTC DCI 2023 System Changes video​ and the OR PTC DCI 2023 System Change Mailer.​​​ ​

​​​ Tips and resources

 Pro-Tips for Providers  ​​​ ​​  Provider Learning Materials Catalog  ​​ Over Aut​​​horized Hours QRG​​​​   Need ​Help​​​​

NOTE: ​You are res​ponsible for entering your time correctly in order to be paid.​

If you can't​ clock in or out during your shift, you will need to add a historical time entry. You can use either the ​Web Portal or the landline optio​n.

If you need to enter mileage or correct a time entry, you need to ​use the Web Portal.​

Log ​in to Web Portal​

 Getting started

There are three different ways you can enter your time in OR PTC DCI: 

  • A mobile app that works on your smart phone.
  • A landline phone.
  • A device called a fob.

Which option is right for you?​

You can choose which option works best for you. Learn about each option be​low or ​view this infographic​.

OR PTC DCI Mobile App (most popular)

The Mobile App is a free application for Apple or Android smart phones and devices. Many providers say this is the easiest option to learn and use. 

Providers use the app to clock in, clock out and view hours.

Download the Mobile App:

To log in: Use your assigned username and temporary password that were sent in the PTC Go-Live Support Guides.

Watch a video about the Mobile App to learn about getting started.

OR PTC DCI Landline

You can use the consumer’s landline phone to clock in and out. You don't need internet access or smart phone or device for this option.

If your consumer’s landline phone number is on file with the local office, you are all set to use this option.

Check out the Landline Tip Sheet for instructions on how to use the landline option.


The fob is another way to capture time when a smart phone/device or landline is not available 

The fob is a small device that is kept in the consumer's home. The provider pushes a button on the fob to display a unique code at the start and end of their shift. The provider writes down the fob codes with date and time of clock in and clock out on a ​fob timesheet. The provider must enter the fob codes in the DCI Web Portal by the end of the pay period.

To request a fob: Talk to the consumer’s Case Manager.

To download fob timesheets: Go to the Provider section of the Learning Materials page.

To take a course on entering fob time: Go to Adding a Fob Entry to the OR PTC DCI Web Portal.