​​​Dementia CareTraining and In-Service Requirements for ALF and RCF Caregivers

The 2017 Legislature passed HB 3359. Section 25 of HB 3359 (now codified as ORS 443.433 and OAR 411-054-0070 (5)) focuses on pre-service and in-service dementia care training for direct caregivers who work in residential care and assisted living facilities. Rules to address this law are found in Oregon Administrative Rule OAR 411-054-0070.

OAR 411-054-0070 (5) requires that all pre-service and in-service training provided to direct care staff must be approved by a private or non-profit organization that is approved by the Department.  There are three entities that have been approved to review, evaluate​ and approve training.  They include:

By linking to these respective webpages, you will find applications with directions on how to submit training for approval by one of these entities. 

OAR 411-054-0070  sets forth the following dementia training requirements for assisted living/residential care facilities:

  • Direct care staff must complete pre-service training on specific areas of dementia care and 6 hours annual in-service dementia training.
  • Pre-service training must include the following subjects:
    • Education on the dementia disease process, including the progression of the disease, memory loss, psychiatric and behavioral symptoms;
    • Techniques for understanding and managing symptoms, including but not limited to reducing the use of anti-psychotic medications for non-standard use;
    • Strategies for addressing the social needs of persons with dementia and providing meaningful activities, and
    • Information on addressing specific aspects of dementia care and ensuring the safety of residents with dementia, including, but not limited to how to: address pain, provide food and fluids; and prevent wandering and elopement
  • Facilities must ensure and document that all direct care staff have completed the required pre-service dementia care training.  Training certificates are portable for 2 years, meaning direct care staff can show their training certificate to a new employer and it will count for training for two years from the time they completed the training and demonstrated competence. However, a new employer may choose to accept the training or require new direct care staff attend their dementia ​​training.
  • Each direct care staff must complete (6) six hours of annual training on dementia care by the anniversary of their hire date.
  • The dementia care training may be included in the required minimum of 12 hours in-service training required for direct care staff within ALFs/RCFs.
  • Dementia care training must reflect current standards for dementia care and be informed by the best evidence in the care and treatment of dementia.

Pre-approved Trainings

Some trainings have been pre-approved, below is a graph that indicates which trainings have been pre-approved for either pre-service or in-service education.

Events and Offerings
LeadingAge Oregonn/aYesMultiple
Conferences, Individual classes on dementia or with dementia content
Relias LearningYesYesMultiple
Online dementia training
Help is Here: When a Resident has Dementia and companion Leader Manual (Providence Health & Services)n/aYesMultiple
Books for staff and one copy of the Leader Manual per residence
Oregon Health Care Associationn/aYesMultiple
Conferences on dementia or with dementia content
CARES Health Care InteractiveYes (Approved as package)YesMultiple
Online Training for pre-service and ongoing CE
Alzheimer’s Associationn/aYesMultiple
McGinty Conf. and individual classes
Person Centered Care
Teepa Snow Positive Approach to CareYesYesMultiple
DVDs, Online dementia curriculum and in-person trainings
Oregon Care PartnersYes (Approved as package)YesMultiple
No cost online and in-person dementia training

Pre-approved trainings do not need to be submitted for approval. The only trainings that are approved as covering all the required pre-service training topics are Oregon Care Partners and CARES Health Care Interactive.

A provider may elect to create their own pre-service package that contains some pre-approved trainings and some that are not on the pre-approved list. Only those parts of the pre-service training that are NOT listed as pre-approved on the above list, such as a topic developed by the provider, will need to be submitted for approval.

  1. What trainings must​ be submitted to one of the designated training entities for approval?
    1. Trainings created by the provider, individual trainer or vendor that are not included in the above pre-approved list.
  2. What trainings do not have to be submitted for approval?
    1. The above pre-service and in-service trainings that are on the pre-approved list do not need to be submitted for approval.
  3. If a provider has multi-sites that use the same curriculum, do they need to submit a separate approval request for each community?
    1. No, multi-site organizations may seek training approval for all communities if they are using the same program/curriculum.
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