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Heightened Scrutiny

Process Flowchart
Provider Letter and Worksheet9/2016
Onsite Review Template11/2016


Provider Status Reports

Cover Letter for 4/2017 - 9/20171/2018
Status Report for 4/2017 - 9/20171/2018
Cover Letter for 7/2016 - 3/20175/2017
Status Report for 7/2016 - 3/20175/2017
Initial Status Report Cover8/2016
Initial Status Report8/2016

Note: 12/2016: The “HCBS Provider Status Report” was posted in 8/2016. It had each provider’s status regarding new Home and Community-Based Service rules at that time. Many providers have made progress since this was initially posted. We will post updates to this website when we are able.​


Public Input

Anyone Can Give Input About APD Providers of HCBS
Reporting possible institutional or isolating HCBS Settings Template


Residency Contract

Adult Foster Home Provider Residency Contract Template11/2017



APD Extended Timeline for HCBS Transition Plan11/2018


Training Materials

OHCA 2019 Convention11/2019
OHCA 2019 Spring Conference3/2019
OHCA 2017 Fall Convention9/2017
Jacksonville Adult Foster Home Conference8/2017
Independent Adult Care Home Assoc Conference6/2017
Limitations Visual Fact Sheet (APD 0556V) 6/2017
Washington-Columbia County AFH Providers5/2017
LeadingAge Oregon Spring 2017 Conference5/2017
OHCA Spring 2017 Conference3/2017
Enhanced Care Unit Training2/2017
Adult Care Home 2016 Conference9/2016
OHCA 2016 Fall Convention9/2016



APD-PT-19-020Implementation of Individually Based Limitations (IBLS)
APD-AR-17-041Identifying Client Representative for LTC decision-making and educating consumers regarding HCBS rights and freedoms
APD-AR-17-031Person-Centered Consumer HCBS Education
APD-AR-17-029Systems used to Report AFH HCBS Compliance
APD-IM-17-027HCBS IBL Training for Staff
APD-IM-16-093HCBS Heightened Scrutiny Provider Deadline, Worksheet
APD-IM-16-082HCBS Provider - Heightened Scrutiny Status and Web Posting
APD-IM-16-080HCBS Provider​​ - Self-Assessment (Survey) Results
APD-IM-16-041HCBS Provider Letters
APD-AR-16-003HCBS Limited Access Adult Foster Homes
APD-IM-15-110Provider Requirements for HCBS Self-Assessment Survey
APD-IM-15-084HCBS Surveys


2015 Survey-related

Summary of Consumer and Provider Survey Responses
Comment Cover Page
Access to Community
General Comments



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