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Home Care Services

If you or a loved one need help with personal care or daily tasks and want to stay in your own home and community, consider using home care services. Home care services can help you stay as safe and independent as possible in your home.

State-paid servicesIf you don't qualify for state-paid servicesFind a home care worker

Some people qualify for state-paid services through Medicaid or Oregon Project Independence. If you don't qualify for state-paid services, there are other community resources that can help. You can also choose to pay for a home care worker yourself. Oregon has a Home Care Registry that matches people who need services with home care workers.

Getting started with state-paid services

State-paid in-home services are provided through Medicaid. Whether or not you qualify is based on how much help you need at home or in your community, as well as your income and financial resources. 

  • To get started or learn more about how to qualify for Medicaid in-home services, contact one of the offices listed under "How to Apply" below. 
  • Another option for in-home services for older adults and people with disabilities is called Oregon Project Independence (OPI). Eligibility is not based on income or financial resources, just the type of help needed at home. To learn more about OPI or to apply, contact an Area Agency on Aging or Aging and People with Disabilities office.

How to apply

For older adults and people with disabilities, contact:

For people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, contact:

After you've been approved

Congratulations! You are now either a consumer-employer, employer of record, designated representative, or common-law employer (also known as employer). This role may be scary, but we're here for you!

Through the Employer Resource Connection, you can get support to hire and work with your home care worker.

If you don't qualify for state-paid services

Visit the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) website or call 855-673-2372. Trained Options Counselors can help you find community resources.

You can also use the Home Care Registry to find home care workers who provide services to people who pay with their own funds.

Finding a home care worker

Oregon has a Home Care Registry that matches people who want to hire a home care worker with qualified workers. You can select preferences for the type of home care worker you're looking for. Anyone can use the registry. There are workers who provide care for people who have state-paid services and people who are paying with their own funds.