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Linn County Parole and Probation - Home Page

Linn County Parole and Probation has a vision to be a team of balanced professionals committed to the continuous improvement of our community.  We are promoting public safety through supporting positive change in the lives of our clients.

We Believe:
  • In treating all people with courtesy, respect, dignity, fairness, and understanding.
  • That people can change.
  • That parole and probation services are a viable means to affect positive change.
  • In promoting and maintaining a positive, safe and healthy community environment.
  • In the value of a positive relationships with our clients, community partners and community.
  • Staff is the greatest resource in accomplishing our vision, mission, and goals.

Mission Statement
Our community is safer with our involvement.
We accomplish this through:
  • Assessing clients’ criminogenic risk/need factors to help guide decisions and to apply the appropriate level of services;
  • Working to provide research based prevention and intervention services;
  • Managing clients risk by holding them accountable, affording opportunities for pro-social change and supporting law-abiding behavior and personal accountability;
  • Recognizing and rewarding staff performance and achievement;
  • Providing training to enhance our professional skill and promote balance.
  • Being fiscally responsible, prioritizing resources to the highest risk while maximizing the public’s money that we are entrusted with.

  • To continue to treat all people with courtesy, respect, dignity, fairness, and understanding.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all capacities of our duties.
  • Reducing recidivism through utilizing proven and effective research based tactics to assess and change behavior of our clients through effective case management.
  • Recruit, retain and reward quality balanced staff while nurturing professional and personal growth.
  • Maintain and develop partnerships with the community, which provides prevention, intervention and restorative justice services.
  • Provide staff with the support needed to maintain our values and the resources to accomplishing our mission, vision and goals.

Linn County Demographics
  • There are approximately 116,672 people who live in Linn County.
  • There are approximately 1,600 individuals on supervised parole or probation in Linn County.
  • There are approximately 225 people currently on parole or probation for sexually related offenses.
  • There are approximately 827 registered sex offenders living within Linn County. 

The Linn County Approach
Our first priority is always community safety.  A very close second is that of client rehabilitation.  We understand that without one, we can’t have the other.  All of our efforts have an overarching goal to promote community safety.
  • We utilize the best research based risk assessments available to ascertain risk, need and responsivity.
  • We prioritize and provide the highest level of supervision resources to clients who present the greatest risk to our community.
  • We believe in building and establishing professional alliances with our clients to best assist in changing criminal thinking and behavior. 
  • We involve clients in the change process by sharing assessment results, partnering in case plan development, enhancing motivation, increasing the desire for healthy change and supporting positive choices.   
  • We utilize a strength based, working and evolving, case plan that is specific to the clients risk, needs, and responsivity factors.
  •  We work to utilize and develop evidenced-based intervention programs that aim to reduce risk and promote healthy change.
  • We monitor clients through home and office visits, urinalysis drug testing, treatment monitoring and polygraph testing and report violations to the Court, Local Supervisory Authority, or the Board of Parole.       
  • We utilize a continuum of sanctions that include counseling, treatment, community service, work crew, electronic home detention, GPS tracking and jail. 
  • We strive to tie our sanctioning recommendations to the client’s risk, need, and responsivity.
  • Our field supervision caseloads are divided into geographic regions within the county, facilitating community partnerships, familiarity with the community, and effective community policing.
  • In addition to general supervision, we have caseloads that specialize in sex offender supervision, domestic violence court, mental health, drug court, transition services, low/limited supervision and intensive supervision.

Our Partnerships
Linn County Parole and Probation understands that it takes a village to maximize our efforts.  With this, we take great pride in the relationships that we have developed with our community partners.  We have built strong ties with our Community, Treatment Providers, Polygraph Examiners, Law Enforcement, DHS Child Welfare, Judges and District Attorney’s Office.  We are always open to expanding and building partnerships. 

Linn County Customer Service Value Statement
We treat everyone with courtesy, respect, dignity, fairness, and understanding.  We work to make Linn County accessible and responsive to a wide range of individual and community needs and interests.  We promote flexible, creative, solution-oriented approaches to resolving problems and meeting personal needs. 

Contact Information

Director:   Maureen Robb 

Linn County Parole and Probation
118 Second Ave. SE, Suite F
Albany, Oregon 97321
Phone:  (541) 967-2005
Fax:  (541) 967-2004
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30 

Linn County Parole & Probation has adopted the following:
"Promoting public safety through supporting positive change."
We look forward to working with you!

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