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Community Corrections


Jeremiah Stromberg, Assistant Director

Community Corrections in Oregon is a function of state government operated in partnership with local, county-operated community corrections agencies. Of Oregon's 36 counties, the Department of Corrections (DOC) operates Community Corrections in Linn and Douglas counties. Community Corrections activities include supervision, community-based sanctions, and services directed at offenders who have committed felony and certain misdemeanor crimes and have been placed under community supervision by the courts. 

Community Corrections can be used as an alternative or enhancement to incarceration. Based on many different factors, some offenders are given a community-based sentence, without having to serve time in a correctional facility; this is commonly known as probation. Other offenders are sentenced to serve a predetermined number of months in a correctional facility before beginning a community-based sentence–known as either parole or post-prison supervision, depending on crime commission date. 

There are approximately 30,000 offenders under supervision in Oregon communities and 12,000 offenders serving time in one of Oregon’s 12 prisons. 

2021-23 Community Corrections Act Report

The purpose of this report, as listed in ORS 423.525(12), is to evaluate community corrections policy and assess the effectiveness of local revocation options. This biennium’s report contains the most current data pertaining to adults on supervision in the community including demographics, sanctions and revocations; performance measures; and impacts of Oregon’s Justice Reinvestment efforts such as Short-Term Transitional Leave expansion, earned discharge, and the Family Sentencing Alternative Pilot Program.

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