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Western Oregon State Forest Management Plan (FMP) and Implementation Plans (IPs)

State-owned forests are sustainably managed to provide environmental, social and economic benefits to all Oregonians. By law, the majority of revenue generated from state forests must be distributed to counties and schools and used to provide public services. With the Board of Forestry's direction to move forward with developing a Habitat Conservation Plan for western Oregon's state forests, the State Forests Division is developing a Forest Management Plan (FMP) that incorporates the goals and strategies in the Habitat Conservation Plan. Learn more about the Forest Management Plan and Implementation Plan development processes.

Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)

Oregon’s state forests provide habitat for numerous species. This includes some listed as endangered or threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act, like the Northern spotted owl and marbled murrelet. Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) can serve as a more holistic and cost-effective way to the State Forests Division's current approach to complying with the Endangered Species Act. The first phase includes a business case analysis to evaluate potential cost and revenue impacts of pursuing an HCP as an alternative approach to ESA compliance. Learn more about the Habitat Conservation Plan.