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Fire Protection

The goal of the department's largest program, Fire Protection, is to devise and use environmentally sound and economically efficient strategies which minimize the total cost to protect Oregon's timber and other forest values from loss caused by wildland fire. Learn more about the Fire Protection Program.

Forest Resources

Through technical assistance, financial incentives, education, regulation, and other tools, this program helps forest landowners manage their lands to meet their objectives. Program responsibilities include implementation of the Oregon Forest Practices Act, which provides for timber harvest using techniques that are consistent with conservation and environmental protection. Learn more about helping landowners.

State Forests

The State Forests Program manages 745,000 acres of state-owned forest land in Oregon. The forests are managed in a stewardship manner to produce a broad range of benefits. These include timber harvest, revenue to local governments and schools, protection of wildlife habitat and other environmental values, and opportunities for recreation and learning. Learn more about the State Forests Program.

Partnership and Planning

This program provides information, research, analysis and planning services to assist the Department’s operating divisions and, upon request, to the Board of Forestry and the Governor’s Office. The program houses the Federal Forest Restoration Program which supports forest collaboratives and works in partnership to increase the pace, scale and quality of forest restoration on federal forests. This program also identifies, coordinates and administers federal grant programs that provide funding and incentives for family forest landowners. Learn more about landowner grants and incentives.

Urban and Community Forestry

This program helps Oregon communities plant, care for and manage urban forests, and works to foster public awareness of the contribution of urban forest ecosystems to quality of life, environmental and economic well-being in Oregon cities. This awareness in turn can help strengthen urban Oregonians' connections to Oregon's broader forest resources and issues. Learn more about the Urban and Community Forestry Program.

Adaptive Management Program

The Adaptive Management Program's (AMP) mission is to determine if forestry practices are meeting their goals to protect natural resources through a science-based and transparent process. The AMP was established after changes to the Forest Practices Act from the Private Forest Accord and Oregon Senate Bill 1501. The new Division 603 Adaptive Management Program rules went into effect Nov. 15, 2022. The program provides regulatory certainty by establishing a transparent mechanism for scientific testing of rules, and then changing them if needed. Learn more about the Adaptive Management Program.

Compliance Monitoring Program

The Compliance Monitoring Program (CMP) mission is to assess Forest Practices Act (FPA) rule compliance and to report findings. The goals for the CMP are to identify areas needing improvement for training purposes, and to increase the public’s trust in the implementation of the FPA and rules. CMP projects focus on priority concerns, such as harvest near riparian areas. The program provides a transparent mechanism for measuring landowner compliance with rules. Learn more about the Compliance Monitoring Program.