Please use the Oregon Department of Transportation's TripCheck website for information on major roads.  

State forests are working forests, full of activity and traffic related to land management and recreation which keeps forest roads busy. Follow these tips for traveling safely in all state forests: 

  • Know Before You Go: Check the website road report or contact a district office when you are planning your trip so that you have the most current information.
  • Slow Down: Forest roads are often gravel and require a different type of driving skillset than paved roads. Cars, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles all handle differently on forest roads, so driving at speeds lower than 25 miles per hour is recommended. 
  • Keep to the Right: Forest roads are narrower than typical two-lane paved roads. Drive with caution and stay to the right anticipating oncoming traffic such as log trucks, gravel trucks, heavy equipment, and other vehicles.

Road reports

​Road Name ​Status ​Comments
Archers Road​ Temporary Closure ​Archers Road will be closed at milepost 5 starting Friday, September 6.
​Jordan Creek Road ​One Day Closure ​Jordan Creek Road will be closed at milepost 1 8:00am-5:00pm on Friday, September 13 for road work.
​East Foley Road ​Weekday Closure

​East Foley Road will be closed at the 5.5 mile to the four way at Firebreak 3:00am-2:00pm Monday-Friday due to timber sale activity.


​Temporay Closures

​The following road restrictions are in effect for the 2019 hunting seasons:

Arch Support OHA

Gods Valley TMA

Big Bear OHA

Fall Creek Ridge OHA


Hole in Wall OHA

Joyce OHA

Quarry North Murphy Road OHA

Wolf Creek OHA

​Old Cedar Creek Road ​Road Closure ​Old Cedar Creek Road near the milepost 5.7 off Cedar Butte Road will be closed to public vehicle traffic beginning Monday, August 5 through approximately November 1 due to active logging operations. Old Cedar Creek Road Closure
​Cook Creek ​Multilpe Closures ​Closed at milepost 4. The road is impassible.
Cook Creek Rd. also closed at Hoevet Creek at the 9.5 mile.
​Miami River Road ​Closed ​Closed due to storm damage at intersection of Miami Foley Rd. and Miami River Rd. Alternate access via FB3 or Foley Creek Rd.
​West Fork Road ​Closed ​Closed due to storm damage at West Fork Wilson Bridge.
​Buick Canyon Road Closed ​Closed due to storm damage.

​Road Name

​Status ​Comments
​No road closures at this time.
​Road Name ​Status ​Comments

​7/18/2019 - Access has changed​ in Butte Creek and High Lakes​ recreation areas. Please refer to the brochures for updated directions​.​

NOTE regarding the trailhead off of Fern Ridge and Shellburg Roads: There will be log hauling through the lower Shellburg Road area starting in mid-late January 2018. The public is welcome to walk in for hiking during this time. ​

​​WebCam: Tillamook State Forest, Highway 6 Traffic Cam at Lees Camp.