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Class C Testing Business

If you need to take a drive test to get your license, you have the option to test with a DMV contracted Class C testing business.

These businesses:

  • Provide drive tests approved by DMV;
  • Set their own fees and days of operation; and
  • Test only for Class C non-commercial license applicants.

Motorcycle and CDL tests are given somewhere else.

Why Use a Testing Business?

The potential benefit to customers is a shorter wait time. In some areas, DMV has a wait time over a month long for drive tests. Call DMV and a testing business to compare your options.

Taking the Test

After passing the knowledge test and vision screening at DMV, you may contact a testing business directly to make a drive test appointment.

After passing the drive test, you have 30 days to bring the sealed test results to DMV. We will give you a driver license if you meet all of the requirements.

Things to remember:

  • DMV is not involved in scheduling, canceling or re-scheduling the drive tests with these businesses. Contact the business directly.
  • You must take two photo copies of a picture ID to the drive test.
  • Some testing businesses have test cars available. Ask them if you need to provide your own car.
  • To be eligible to take a drive test:
    • You must be 16 years or older, or applying for an emergency or student permit. If you are under 18, you must have held an instruction permit for at least six months.
    • Your driving privileges cannot be revoked.
    • You must not be in the At-Risk Driver Program.
    • You must not have adaptive devices (hand controls) installed in your car.
    • You must not have been issued a Quit Driving ID Card.
  • After passing the drive test, you’ll be given a sealed envelope containing a certificate of test completion and a copy of the photo ID you presented at the drive test. Don’t open the envelope.
  • When you bring the sealed envelope to DMV, you will need to provide proof of your identity and meet any other requirements.
  • You must pass the vision screening and both the knowledge and drive test to be eligible for a driver license.

Wait Time Requirements If You Fail the Drive Test

Under 18:

  • After the 1st - 4th failed test: Wait 28 days before retesting.
  • After the 5th failed test: 1 year from the date of the fifth failed test.

18 and Older:

  • After the 1st failed test: Wait 7 days before retesting.
  • After the 2nd failed test: 14 days.
  • After the 3rd or 4th failed test: 28 days.
  • After the 5th failed test: 1 year from the date of the fifth failed test.

Contracted Class C Testing Businesses

NW Drivers Ed, LLC
Location(s): Corvallis

Oregon Driver Education Center, Inc.
Location(s): Beaverton, Clackamas, Eugene, Keizer and Medford

Pacific Driver Education
Location(s): Beaverton, Gresham

Training Wheels of Oregon
Location(s): Newport

Concerns About a Third-Party Tester or Examiner?

If you suspect that a third-party tester or examiner has committed fraud, broken the rules, or if they try to get a bribe from you, please call 503-945-6049 or send a message to the Third Party Programs Team.

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