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Oregon’s Integrated Water Resources Strategy (IWRS)

Oregon's Integrated Water Resources Strategy (IWRS) provides a roadmap for how we can work together towards a secure water future for all Oregonians. The IWRS provides guidance for state agencies in the form of 'recommended actions.' These actions address a wide variety of topics that address water quality, water quantity, and ecosystem needs.

The first IWRS was adopted by the Water Resources Commission in 2012 and the second in 2017. The 2017 IWRS provides recommendations in 13 different issue areas.  Each issue area includes multiple recommendations, resulting in a total of 51 recommended actions with many sub-actions.

As indicated in ORS 536.220, the IWRS is to be updated every five years. The Department announced that the next update would be delayed due to limited staff capacity, the significant number of new projects arising from the 2021 session, and to allow some of the 2021 session project work products to be considered in the update. 

 A photo of the cover page of the Integrated Water Resouces Strategy PublicationA photo of the Integrated Water Resources Strategy Framework Page
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