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Information for providers


Continuing education course flexibility

Given the concerns about in-person courses during social distancing, we wanted to share an existing tool that allows approved CE courses to be taught online.

If you have been approved to provide a course in-person you may provide that course via video conferencing or other online platform without re-applying. The course being taught online must contain the same content as the approved in-person course, follow the same time estimates as the in-person course and be taught by an approved instructor.

CPR classes require in person training and cannot be taught online.

Code change class applications

The division anticipates adoption of the new Oregon Electrical Specialty Code (OESC) and Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code (OPSC) in April 2021. Providers who wish to offer code change courses based on the new model code may submit applications after adoption of the code, or may request approval directly to the appropriate board.

Only board approved courses will be accepted. Providers and licensees should ensure classes are approved in order to receive course credit. Only credits from approved courses and providers can be applied to a license, and providers should ensure adequate time to receive board approval before offering courses. Get more information about the code adoption process

Oregon Electrical Specialty Code

The Electrical and Elevator Board has started the code adoption process for the new OESC, based on the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC). The board has decided to begin accepting applications for code related and code change courses based on the 2020 NEC, taught on or after Sept. 1, 2019, for this cycle.

The 2017 OESC cycle is anticipated to conclude on April 1, 2021. All continuing education courses approved for the 2017 OESC will no longer be eligible for continuing education credit once the new OESC becomes effective.

Provider and course approval

Provider application

Instructor Approval Application
  • Individuals or businesses seeking to provide courses must submit an instructor application for approval to become a provider.
  • Previously approved providers may be asked to provide updated information periodically.

Course application

Course approval application
  • Providers must submit one application for each course.

Information for providers

Step I: Committee review​ - Completed applications are reviewed by a continuing education committee approximately six weeks before a board meeting.

Step II: Board review - The board will take a final action on the recommendation from the continuing education committee.

Step III: Notification - ​The division will notify the applicant of the Board's decision.

The date that the board will review an application depends on the date the application is recieved. Review the following guide to plan your submittal.

Important submission dates

If received by the submittal deadline, your applications will go before the appropriate board on the corresponding board meeting date.​​​

Providers must document course completion and give proof to each attendee.

For multi-part courses, instructors must provide the names of individuals only after they have completed all parts of the course, unless parts or a combination of parts are approved separately.

A civil penalty may be issued or other action taken, including revocation of approval of a continuing education course or instructor, for failure to meet the requirements.

​You must provide one of the following for web-based content:

  • A link to the online course content with login information (if content is secured); or
  • Screenshots of the online course content.

Providers must electronically submit attendance rosters to the division in an excel spreadsheet. It is important to follow specific instructions specified in the Excel roster instructions.

*Note: The division no longer accepts original rosters, copies of rosters, emails listing attendees, or any format other than the Excel spreadsheet.​​

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