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Mechanical minor label program

About the program

The mechanical minor label program allows contractors doing work in participating jurisdictions to perform certain common mechanical installations under a minor label permit. This program also incorporates remote inspection technology that can be downloaded onto a mobile device and used for inspection services.

License requirements

Contractors holding a valid Construction Contractors Board (CCB) license and who are not in violation of the minor label requirements in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 918, Divisions 100 and 440.

Participating jurisdictions

Mechanical minor labels are available to use in the following jurisdictions:

  • City of Albany
  • City of Central Point
  • City of Medford
  • City of Salem
  • Marion County where the county administers the building inspection program
  • Coos County where the division administers the building inspection program
  • Deschutes County
  • Jackson County
  • Linn County
  • Umatilla County where the division administers the building inspection program

How it works

Purchase the labels

Labels are purchased online at in lots of 10 for $140.00 (price includes surcharge). Mechanical minor labels use the free VuSpex Go mobile app for virtual inspections. Follow these instructions to purchase mechanical minor labels.

Upload images of your work to the free mobile app

Once the installation is complete, the label is affixed to the appropriate location and then images can be uploaded to the mobile app for inspection.

Contractors can download the Oregon ePermitting App from the Google Play Store for their Android devices and from Apple's App Store for their iOS devices. A new version of the Oregon ePermitting App has been released that includes the mechanical minor label section. Users that already have the Oregon ePermitting App installed can update the most current version. The updated version will have the option to access the Mechanical Minor Label section from the App's home screen. The VuSpex Go App will no longer work for Mechanical Minor Label submission.

One label from each lot of 10 is randomly selected for inspection. The inspector will review the uploaded images to determine if the installation complies with the applicable mechanical code. Photos submitted for digital inspection should clearly display the work to be inspected.

Submission photo guides

The inspection needs will vary depending on the details of the job. For submission examples, view the following guides:

Type of work allowed

Mechanical minor labels can be used for the following:

  • Moving or replacing ductwork not involving fire dampers or penetrations of firewalls, fire assemblies, or floors
  • Relocating grilles and air distribution inlets or outlets
  • Replacing existing heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment, including minor alterations of fuel piping or appliance connectors downstream of the appliance shutoff valve
  • Adding a central air-conditioning unit to existing ductwork in one and two-family dwellings
  • Installing new mini-split heat pumps in one and two-family dwellings
  • Installing a mechanical exhaust fan for radon mitigation systems in one and two-family dwellings

Type of work excluded

Mechanical minor labels cannot be used for the following:

  • Mechanical replacements where the fuel type changes
  • Replacement of fuel-burning equipment which requires replacement of the existing venting system
  • Replacement of commercial systems or equipment that:
    • Exceeds 2,000 cubic feet per minute of air movement capability
    • Weighs more than 400 pounds, except packaged rooftop equipment up to 5-ton cooling capacity being replaced with packaged rooftop equipment not exceeding the existing unit’s cooling capacity
    • Exceeds 5-ton cooling capacity