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Oregon Construction Contractors Board

Dear Contractors,

EXTENSION – Temporary Rule Allowing Deferral of License Renewal September 14, 2020

While the re-opening process has begun it is also an incredibly busy time in the construction calendar, made more hectic by COVID-19. As such, the CCB is allowing additional time for contractors to temporarily defer renewal of their contractor license through September 14, 2020. This is the maximum we are able to extend this allowance using temporary rule authority.

Contractors are still encouraged to renew on time if circumstances allow them to do so. Contractors who have deferred should take steps to complete renewal requirements by September 14, 2020. See the education resources below or contact us if you have questions: 503-378-4621 or

Education resources for contractors

Resources for contractors with limited Internet access

While the restrictions established by the Governor have required cancellation of some of our upcoming live classes, CCB maintains a catalog of classes online, including the 3-hour CCB required course. To contractors with limited access to Internet: CCB has solutions for contractors who are unable to take classes online; we will work with you. Please contact the Education section for assistance at 503-934-2227.

More about CCB services

As the COVID-19 response moves from emergency management into the phased re-opening process, the CCB will continue to deliver resources to contractors that help keep them working and doing so safely:

  • Our licensing representatives are available to assist you and answer your questions.
  • Our enforcement officers are active in the field to address unlicensed work.
  • Our mediation and dispute resolution team continues to assist contractors and consumers in resolving disputes.
  • Our COVID-19 Information Resources page has helpful information about safe worksite practices developed with a construction industry coalition.