Oregon Construction Contractors Board


What are the eligibility requirements for renewal deferment?

You are eligible if your license is in active status with an expiration date between 3/1/2020 and 9/14/2020.

Do I need to take any steps to notify CCB if I want to defer my renewal?

No. If we do not receive your renewal during this period, and your license is eligible for deferral (see above), your license will automatically remain in active status through September 14, 2020.

What licensing requirements must be maintained while in the grace period?

To avoid suspension, you must maintain bond and insurance. We also request that you make every effort to update your corporation/LLC registry at the Secretary of State, Responsible Managing Indvidual, worker's compensation insurance and updated business address. Please contact us if you have questions regarding license requirements at 503-378-4621.

Will my license continue to reflect active status on the CCB's website if I do not renew on time?

Yes, if you are eligible for deferment, your license will continue to reflect active status.

If I defer my renewal will my existing renewal date change?

No. If you choose to defer renewal to a later date within the grace period and your bond and insurance have not lapsed, you may retain your existing renewal date.

What will happen if general liability insurance or a surety bond lapse during the grace period?

Administrative suspensions will be applied if CCB is not in possession of proof of insurance and bond during the grace period. Your license will be automatically suspended.

What is the eligibility for the grace period if my license is in a non-active status prior to March 1, 2020?

If your license is not active prior to March 1, 2020, you will not be eligible for the grace period. Contractors whose license is in good standing and active, but are due for renewal after March 1st will be eligible for the grace period.

Should I wait to renew until September 14th?

No, if you can renew your license on time, please do so. Online continuing education is still available on the CCB website. www.oregon.gov/CCB

Will there be a penalty or fine by field investigators if I do not renew on time and take advantage of the grace period?

No, as long as you maintain all of the licensing requirements as outlined above.