Employee resources and state workforce

​​​​​Policies for agency review 

DRAFT 40.010.02 Recruitment and Selection 2021v3
Draft 10.040.01 State Employee Training_2020v3
Please send your compiled comments to our policy unit. ​


Transmittals and updated/new policies​

Update to Temporary Interruption of Employment Policy60.015.0111/18/2020
Update to Drug Free Workplace Policy50.000.0110/16/2020
Update to Family and Medical Leave Policy60.000.159/18/2020
Update to Discrimination and Harassment Policy50.010.019/14/2020
Early Return to Work of Injured Employees & Discrimination and Harassment PolicyMultiple6/10/2020
Post Legislative Session and Collective Bargaining UpdateMultiple10/10/2019
State HR Policy Review and Final Revision Multiple2/1/2019
Span of Control reporting to Legislature30.010.011/25/2019
Temporary Appointments 40.025.0112/3/2018
Span of Control 30.010.017/2/2018
Harassment and discriminiation Policy50.010.014/24/2018
Revised Veterans' Preference in Employment 40.055.034/16/2018
Health & Wellness50.010.0612/27/2017
Temporary Interruption of Employment60.015.0111/1/2017
Veterans' Preference in Employment40.055.039/18/2017
Pay Practices and Alternate Leave Provisions20.005.10 & 60.000.209/29/2017
Programming change moratorium on the PPDB systemN/A7/7/2017
Weapons in the Workplace50-010-054/28/2017
Weapons in the Workplace50-010-051/6/2017
New Statewide Policy – Managing Improper Governmental Conduct 50-090-0112/30/2016
Sick Leave with Pay60.000.019/28/2016
Administrative Rules and Policy UpdatesMulitple7/1/2016
Early Return To Work of Injured Workers50.020.054/6/2016
Drug-Free Workplace50.000.013/15/2016
Alternative Leave Provisions60.000.203/22/2016
Special Leaves with Pay60.000.10 Addendum 3/1/2016
Limited Duration Appointments40.025.023/1/2016
Sick Leave with Pay60.000.011/1/2016
Family and Medical Leave60.000.151/1/2016
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​​​​​​​Transmittals prior to January 1, 2015, are stored at the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer.​​​​​