Current other membership list

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Adair RFPDR02102
Conf. Tribes Coos/Lower Umpqua/SiuslawX06001
Conf. Tribes Klamath Tribes Community ServicesX18100
Conf. Tribes of Grande RondeX27200
Conf. Tribes of UmatillaX30110
Conf. Tribes/SiletzX21600
Coquille Indian TribeX06100
Legislative Assembly155000
Oregon Cascades West COGR02706
Oregon Corrections Enterprises971000
Oregon Health and Science University580700
Oregon Judicial Department198000
Oregon Patient Safety Commission978000
Oregon State Lottery177000
Oregon Tourism Commission dba: Travel Oregon976000
Pacific States Marine Fisheries CommissionR26003
SAIF Corporation435000
Travel Information Council733000
Wasco County Soil & Water Conservation DistrictR33119
West Umatilla Mosquito Control DistrictR30278