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​Language Services

  • Bilingual employees
  • In-person interpreters
  • Translation
  • Language Link
  • I-Speak Cards
  • Telephonic interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpreting
  • Consultation on complex language needs
  • Assessment of service options
  • Technical assistance

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Increasing productivity and innovation though diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Promoting an equity lens in decision-making throughout the agency
  • Intercultural Conflict Resolution and team building
  • Recruitment, promotion and retention of staff who are representative of the people we serve
  • Coordinating diversity training and continuous learning efforts
  • Strategic planning and provisioning of diversity and inclusion
  • Increasing supplier diversity
  • Coordinating Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Developing sustainable work/life balance 
  • Developing metrics for diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes

Service Equity

  • Increasing equitable access to services for all clients
  • Developing and implementing strategies to close gaps in service outcomes
  • Community outreach and engagement that leads to collaboration, public trust and transparency in services
  • Implement and utilize expanded demographic data collection to recognize diverse identities, respect how people self-identify and address socioeconomic inequities with accurate and disaggregated data
  • Developing metrics and narratives that measure and demonstrate successful outcomes
  • Coordinating agency-wide equity and inclusion committees