Report Suspected Client or Provider Fraud

Fraud of Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan programs and benefits; food benefits (SNAP),Cash assistance (TANF),Oregon Trail card, which is used for Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT); and child care benefits can be reported by:

  • Calling, 1-888-FRAUD01 (1-888-372-8301) Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, or
  • Report fraud online​, or
  • Fax your written complaint to: ATTN: HOTLINE at 503-373-1525, or
  • You may also mail a written complaint:

    • For client fraud
      Investigations Unit
      PO BOX 14150
      Salem, OR 97309

    • For provider fraud
      DHS Provider Audit Unit
      3406 Cherry Ave NE, 2nd Floor
      Salem, OR 97303

Also see: Frequently Asked Questions about reporting client or provider fraud

Report Fraud or Waste by DHS Employees

To report a DHS employee for fraud or waste or if you suspect them of abusing financial resources or equipment, call the DHS Employee Fraud/Waste Hotline at (503)945-5608

Frequently Asked Questions About Reporting Fraud or Abuse by DHS Employees

What if I’m not sure this hotline is the right place to call?
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the incident involve fraud, waste or abuse of state money or equipment?
  • Are Department of Human Services employees involved?

If you answer yes to both questions, please call the hotline at (503) 945-5608.

Do I need to have evidence of the fraud or waste or just suspicion?
Evidence is helpful in any investigation but not required to make a report.  DHS will utilize its resources to look into all reports.

Am I required to leave my name or phone number when I call?
No, your call can be anonymous. 

If I call to report suspected fraud, waste or abuse, what information should I provide?
Specific information, including names of persons potentially involved and persons who also know about the matter; dates, times and details of the incident(s); and any documentation you or others can provide.  Nonspecific reports of waste or fraud are difficult or impossible for us to investigate.