Oregon Provider Time Capture


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I have downloaded the OR PTC DCI Mobile App before I received my login information and when I tried logging into the application is not working?
At this time, we need you to delete or uninstall the current application. During our Introductory sessions we advised folks not to download the application yet. We will let everyone know when it is good to go for you to use. Once you have received your login credentials you will be able to install the application at that time.
How will Consumers sign off on the hours entered by the Provider? Will Consumers have their own login information, or will they use the Provider’s login?
That depends on the method used to capture.  • Phone EVV - requires Consumer PIN sign off on historical time entries only • Mobile app - PIN, password, or signature from Consumer at the end of shift • Fob/Portal – none • Portal without fob (historical non-EVV time entries) Consumer will need to sign off via portal or mobile application.
Will OR PTC DCI be available in languages other than English?
The vendor has a multilingual project in development that will allow for OR PTC DCI to be available in other languages. This is expected to be released in 2021. Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, and Russian are on track to be delivered prior to our acceptance testing. Other languages will be added as they become available.
Will the Case Managers be able to view notes that are written on the back of the vouchers to show what work was performed?
Yes, Case Managers will have access to view Providers notes in OR PTC DCI.
How will OR PTC DCI work in rural areas, where cell phone and internet coverage are limited?
ODHS and OHA are committed to providing other ways of capturing EVV required data if coverage isn’t available. The vendor for OR PTC DCI has options that do not require cell phone or internet coverage, and the PTC Project is currently working with them to determine the best options for Oregon.
How will the blind/visually impaired folks use OR PTC DCI?
OR PTC DCI is 508 compliant, and always strives to continuously make advancements in this area in response to user feedback. In regard to the blind/visually impaired, our primary focus is to ensure the system can be navigated easily by someone who uses a screen reader.
How will Consumers sign off on hours their Provider worked in OR PTC DCI to prevent fraud?
A number of validations exist to try and prevent fraudulent activities. Also, the addition of location will give us another piece of information when monitoring service delivery.
Are Providers going to be able to claim over their authorized mileage in OR PTC DCI?
The Providers will not be able to enter mileage over their authorized mileage amounts in  OR PTC DCI.
What verification features are we (the Agency) going to activate within the mobile app?  Do we (The Agency) have to choose one of the features or do the Consumers have a choice of either PIN, Password, client portal sign-off, or Signature?
Consumers have the ability to utilize the PIN, Password, or Signature feature within the mobile app. Web portal sign off is also available. The Agency will create their profile and will provide a default username, password, and PIN and then once user logs in they are prompted to change that.
Can two Providers clock in and work for the same Consumer at the same time in OR PTC DCI?
Yes, they will be able to.
Will pay dates be visible in OR PTC DCI?
No, the pay schedule is separate and will not show in OR PTC DCI.
How can I receive additional information about EVV?
Learn more at PTC.Oregon.gov. The website includes additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), announcements, translated documents, events, and more information. For additional questions, please contact PTCProject.Info@dhsoha.state.or.us
Does the landline option work with “Rotary” style phones?
No, it does not work.  It will need to be a touch tone style of phone.
What do I need to know?
Before anything changes, you will receive more information and training in the coming months.  All information is secure and will only be captured when you clock in and out for work. PTC will have no impact on when you get paid.
Who is affected by EVV?
If the service includes personal care services, it is subject to EVV. Personal care services are services supporting Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or services supporting both ADLs and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs).
Why are things changing?
A federal law called the 21st Century CURES Act requires states to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) to gather information about when, where, and what in-home services are provided by homecare workers, personal support workers and personal care attendants.   Additionally, we have been working toward a paperless voucher process in efforts to minimize additional workload for HCWs and the Local Offices.
What information will be collected in the PTC solution?
​The services provided based on your consumer's task list. Who receives the services. Who provides the services. Date of services. Where services are provided. Work start and end times.
Can paper vouchers be used if there is limited cell phone/internet access?
​Although paper vouchers will no longer be used, the state will work with Providers to determine a way to capture the information that is required in a way that meets the legal requirements.
What’s changing?
​You will use a new electronic system called Provider Time Capture (PTC) to log in and out for work each day. Other options will be available for those without access to a smart phone or device and/or internet connection. Visit PTC.Oregon.gov to learn more about the project.
Will there be exceptions for Providers to continue using paper timesheets?
No. EVV requirements cannot be captured via paper timesheets.

What are the Benefits of EVV for Providers?
Providers will no longer use paper vouchers.

No more tracking hours by hand.
No more returning paper vouchers to the local office.
What are the benefits of PTC for Providers?
No more multi-page vouchers. No more tracking hours by hand (the system will do the math for you!). No more driving to the office, mailing in vouchers, or waiting for vouchers to arrive in the mail.
When is location captured?
Location is only recorded at the time the Provider checks-in at the start of the service and at the time they check-out at the end of the service.
What is Provider Time Capture (PTC)?
Provider Time Capture (PTC) is the name of the project that is implementing EVV.
What is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?
The federal government requires states to gather certain information electronically when the state provides personal care services (like those provided by homecare or personal support workers).
When will PTC be used in Oregon?
ODHS and OHA plan on using PTC beginning in Summer 2021.