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If you have a split plan change mid-voucher cycle, would you have to modify the authorized hours for each voucher period?
Yes – you would modify the current voucher manually, and all future vouchers (authorizations) will come through OR PTC DCI automatically. Just to be clear, new and ONGO authorizations are the only things that will come through automatically during Phase 1. Changes to authorizations must be done in both systems manually.  If the consumer transitions from SPPC to Title XIX, or vice versa, these would need to be two separate authorizations. One would need to be ended to begin the next.
How long will it take to switch roles in the system? For example - if a Voucher Specialist switches to a Case Manager role.
There is not identified turnaround times for this, but there is a documented process for staff members to submit a request to the PTC Operations and Maintenance Team, who will complete the request as soon as possible. We will have more information on this in training and as go-live approaches.
Is there a learning environment we can play with just to learn hands on?
We will have a training environment, but it is not available yet. We will communicate orientation dates and opportunities once determined.
Does OR PTC DCI have a redundancy backup system in place?
Yes, all data in OR PTC DCI is stored in a secure cloud with recovery and backup procedures documented and approved.
What is the retention for these OR PTC DCI batches both pre-download/transmission? Are backups going to be made by DCI to protect data?
OR PTC DCI data security and retention meets federal, state, and program requirements. All batches will be stored in OR PTC DCI so you can go back and redownload the file.
Will data store and display for processing the same way in OR PTC DCI?
The CEP Manual is being updated to include how to enter time from the Excel batch into STIM. The data is stored and processed  the same way in OR PTC DCI.
Is there going to be a reminder set up in OR PTC DCI for items that remain in pending status for a period of time in order to get them resolved?
No, there is not a reminder. As part of the time entry process into STIM, it is recommended for staff to work the Pending Entries tab first. This will be communicated in training.
Has anyone practiced the entry of data from the  spreadsheet you are showing into the actual DHR system?
We have not practiced entering the payroll batches into DHR yet. This will be included in training.
Is there another status (“Completed” for example) as a way to indicate a batch is done?
There is not a status for when a batch is entered into STIM, however, once a payroll batch has been pulled the batch status will display as “Transmitted” and all associated punch entries from the batch will display as “Processed.” Batches will need to be tracked through things like adding a column with initials or color-coding lines once they are entered. This is up to the Local Office to decide how they want to track this.
Are manual entries from the Local Office going to go away eventually or will we always be entering time from the payroll batch reports?
Manual entry will become automated during Phase 2 of the project.
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