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Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) contracts with IRCO to provide the following services to refugees in the greater Portland Metro area:

For New Arrivals:

Pre-Employment Training (PET) - Provides classroom English language instruction for newly arrived refugees in the areas of work search skills, job application and interview skills, information on appropriate on-the-job behavior; and also provides short employment trainings. This project helps refugees understand the dynamics of the American work place, function more effectively on the job, and improves their potential for job retention.

Connection to Mainstream ESL: PET helps refugees to connect with Mainstream ESL.   Employment remains the primary goal of the project, and once there is a job placement, there is assistance to connect to after work ESL programs.

Coordinated Assistance to Support Employment (CASE) - Provides support services to newly arrived refugees, such as transportation assistance.

Job Search and Placement:  Provides assistance to seek job openings, helps with interview practice, completing applications, and transportation, as needed.  Helps with job retention through regular follow up and explanation of job duties.

For more information, visit the IRCO website​.