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TANF Cash Benefits

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) provides a monthly cash benefit to families with children who meet income limits.

This program provides cash that families can use to pay for things they need while they work toward supporting themselves. The amount of money a family gets depends on how much money they make and how many people are in the family. For example, a family of three with no other income can get up to $506 a month.

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Clothing allowance: Children outgrow clothes quickly. That’s why Oregon offers a clothing allowance benefit as part of your TANF benefits. As long as your family remains eligible for TANF, ODHS may send a total of $270 for clothing to your EBT card in May, August and November.

​This program is for families that:

  • Live in Oregon
  • Have little or no income and very few resources (like property, vehicles or bank accounts)
  • The person applying must:
    • Be the parent or caregiver for a child who is 18 or younger​, or
    • Be pregnant, or
    • Be ​18 or younger and head of their household

  • After you apply, we will schedule an appointment with you called an "intake appointment." You can do this in person or over the phone. 
  • If you are approved for TANF, you will get an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card in the mail. This is also called an Oregon Trail Card.
  • The EBT card ​can be used like a debit card to buy items or withdraw cash. 
  • The State will deposit money onto your EBT card every month. The amount depends on your income and how many people are in your family.
  • Most people will also need to participate in the JOBS program​ to help them ​find a job and get other services.
  • When it's time for you to renew your benefits​, you will get a renewal packet or notice sent to you. This happens 45 days before your renewal is due. You may also get a phone call to remind you to renew.
  • If your circumstances change, you may need to rep​ort the change​ to us.​ 

​You can apply online, by phone or in person at a local o​ffice​. When you apply for TANF, you can also apply for other benefits like SNAP food benefits and Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid).​

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Families who have TANF and need to collect child support can enroll in child support services. These services can help both parents (the one who pays and the one who gets the support) and caregivers of a child.

Some of these services include:

  • Establish paternity and find a parent
  • Get a child support order or make changes to an existing one
  • Find out how much past child support you can get
  • Get and process child support payments

You can enroll in these services through the Oregon Department of Justice. 

To learn more and enroll:

Visit the Department of Justice child support services page.​

Getting TANF benefits can be counted during an immigrant's public charge test.

However, many immigrants are exempt from the public charge rule, including refugees and people seeking asylum. 

Oregon Legal Aid can give you advice before you apply for TANF. You can reach their Public Benefits Hotline at 800-520-5292.

Resources for TANF families

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Other programs you may qualify for

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The Department of Early Learning and Care (DELC) offers several programs to help families lower their child care costs.

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