Compass Project

​Over the past few years, ODDS and stakeholders have done a lot of work to agree on our core values. This work helping ODDS make decisions about the future of services and supports.

Starting in the summer of 2013, with the approval of the K Plan, Oregon's services for people with I/DD were available to more people and provided more supports. This change honored many of our core values of self-determination, choice, community and independence. However, the rapid growth in services and the new focus on ADL/IADLs raised concerns about the future of the service system. ODDS needed to find a better way to provide necessary services, improve the planning process and stay true to the values of the DD system.

In September 2016, ODDS started an effort at the Oregon Legislature's direction "to take action to more efficiently align service authorization with people's needs, also consider appropriate limits." ODDS's action reduced service levels for many people receiving in-home services. In April 2017, however, impacted individuals filed suit against ODDS and the U.S. District Court entered a preliminary injunction requiring ODDS to restore in-home service levels to their pre-November 1, 2016, levels.  Those restored levels remain in effect for now.

ODDS and our partners and stakeholders have had been working hard with our stakeholders and partners to create a future for I/DD services focused on person-centered-planning. In 2017, ODDS began work on an agency-wide Strategic Plan​ to define our long-term vision and goals for the system, the actions we must achieve over the next two years to make progress toward our vision, and how we will measure our success in making the changes. With those goals in mind we mapped out what changes we need to make and how to measure our progress.​