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Compass Project

​​​The Compass Project resources on this page are for case managers who work with the Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA) to assess a person's functional needs and determine their level of care. The ONA determines whether a person is eligible for their qualified PSW to receive enhanced or exceptional pay rates.

ONA Annual Assessment Resources

Case managers are still an important part of the assessment process and need to know how to use the assessment results to help build a good Individual Support Plan (ISP). 

However, during the transition to the ONA there are going to be times when the old assessment tools will need to be used for setting rates and service levels. Right now, case managers will continue to use the current processes and tools to ​determine the number of hours, service rates, or identify risks.

The ONA will determine if a person meets level of care. Before the level of care form provided the choice of home and community based services to individuals. Now there is a simpler process and form for case managers to use to provide documentation of the choice that a person is making. This process is explained thoroughly in the ONA Case Management Activities Worker Guide — “Offer of Choice" section.

Here are resources to use when talking about the ONA with individuals and their families.