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Compass Project

The Compass Project: Your choice. Your path. Your future.​

​What is the Compass​ Project? 

The Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) is refining Oregon's developmental disabilities system to be more person-centered. This means we're refocusing on what each person needs to have a full life based on their unique needs, interests and preferences. The name we've given to this effort is the Compass Project.


Our goal is to create a system that is easy to use, is transparent and provides quality supports so people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a good life in the communities where they live, work and play.

The Compass Project is reorienting every aspect of the ODDS system to person-centered thinking, planning and practices that will enhance the lives of those who utilize and work in the ODDS system. The project has already improved some aspects of the system such as the Oregon Needs Assessment — a flexible and universal tool to collect information about what each individual needs.​​


This webpage is a gateway to resources and information about the Compass Project and the improvements it is making to the ODDS system. These resources will aid those who receive services from the system, their families and guardians, and those who work within the system.

Please use the following resources to learn more about the Compass Project and how it will affect you.

  • Online training: Sign up for the latest trainings about the new and improved features and processes the Compass Project is introducing to the I/DD system. You can also watch past trainings. These trainings are for those who receive services, their families, and those who provide case management and direct support services in the DD system.
  • Resources for individuals and families: People who receive services in the ODDS system and their family members will find links to resources to help them better understand how the Compass Project is making the system more transparent and easier to navigate.
  • Resources for case managers and providers: This webpage houses infographics, guidebooks, Q&As, updates and more resources to assist those who serve Oregonians with I/DD.​

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