DHS Stakeholders Meeting​​

DHS Director's Message
Message from DHS Director Fariborz Pakseresht

January 12, 2018

Our first stakeholders meeting of 2018 happened this week. It's a quarterly forum where we invite partners, providers and the people we serve to join us in Salem or online to hear updates about our work and share their needs.

Some meeting participants voiced their appreciation for the work we're doing and offered their active support. They see what I see: People who have their hearts, minds and souls in human services work.  That dedication brings real results and it deserves celebration. Attached you will find highlights from our long list of accomplishments in 2017. Thank you for your hard work throughout last year to bring safety, health and independence to the Oregonians we serve! I hope you will carve out some time to review our highlights and celebrate your own team's specific achievements.

Moving through the New Year, my main responsibility will continue to be making DHS an organization we all can be proud of. We will be working with great intention to improve our culture. For me, that means we don't make excuses or place blame when things don't go the way we expect; we correct it and move on. It means we learn to accept a certain level of trial and error except where safety is concerned. It means when we're faced with a problem, we bypass a "band-aid" solution and make sure we know the root cause and resolve it for good. It means we rely more heavily on data to make decisions and determine whether we're getting the right outcomes.

That's the kind of atmosphere we need to tackle the tough but rewarding work we do, to make sure we're acting on the right priorities, and to create space for us to think creatively and test the ideas that could lead to our organization setting more national standards for excellence. A strong, positive culture is the springboard for us to build a modern, nimble human services delivery system.   

You will be hearing more soon about how we are assessing our work and setting our direction for the future. We are seeking feedback from you, community members, those we serve, and those who help us deliver services to envision and create the future DHS.  Your participation in assessments, focus groups, community forums and more is critical in this effort so we can reach our full potential as an organization and do even greater work for Oregonians. I look forward to hearing from you and to the year ahead.

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