2019-21 Budget Proposal

DHS Director's Message
Message from DHS Director Fariborz Pakseresht​

September 11, 2018

To prepare for the next Governor’s Budget and 2019 Oregon Legislative Session, agencies are required to submit a budget proposal by August 31st. We have submitted our budget proposal and I wanted to make you aware of our priorities and the process now underway.

DHS Budget Priorities

We are serving one in four Oregonians, often the most vulnerable among us, with the intention of helping each person realize their full potential. To that end, we need a delivery system that provides services in a seamless and integrated manner across our own program divisions, and in strong partnership with other state and local organizations.

An integrated service delivery system makes it possible to take a truly holistic approach to meeting people’s needs and producing positive, consistent outcomes.

The overarching theme of our budget proposal is to stabilize our organization and strengthen its foundation, so it can support and sustain a seamless, integrated service delivery system. Stabilization doesn’t mean we stop the good work underway or avoid everything new, but it does mean giving opportunities critical analysis before we commit to them.

Our budget proposal was designed to:

  • Support our workforce through adequate staffing across the agency so it is in alignment with the workload we carry and to increase rates for providers to do the same so we all can better support Oregonians.
  • Stabilize program funding so we can sustain our gains and have the consistency required to pursue long-term and high-return program strategies.
  • Integrate data, research, and analytics into decision-making across the agency to increase safety, and to operate efficiently and effectively.
  • Define and improve service equity to effectively serve a more culturally and linguistically diverse Oregon.
  • Expand services through strategic investments in current initiatives that support workforce and program stabilization.

Budget Development Process

Submitting the budget proposal, called the Agency Request Budget (ARB), is the first of three steps in the budget development process. The ARB lays out our proposal for consideration by the Governor. You can see the document online. It is lengthy so please don’t print unless necessary. The document has been posted with bookmarks to give you easy access to the parts you are most interested in.

You will also notice a reduction options list in the ARB. The list is a mandatory part of the budget proposal and whether it is used depends on many elements, including the strength of the economy, fiscal status of the state, the Governor’s priorities, and impacts of reductions on the people we serve.

Next, by December first, the Governor will produce a state budget that is balanced to the estimated available revenues. The Governor will review our ARB and those of other agencies, and weigh them against the Governor’s priorities, statewide budget policies and law to create the Governor’s Budget.

The Governor’s Budget will then be presented to the Oregon State Legislature in January. The legislature will hold hearings and ultimately approve a budget bill for each state agency called the Legislatively Adopted Budget (LAB). The LAB is set to be approved in summer and will fund us through the 2019-21 biennium.

As you can tell, the process is long with many opportunities for change. We want to emphasize that as we go through the budget process there will be discussion and debate, and we will provide updates along the way so you know the status of our proposal.

I have deep appreciation for your dedication and contributions to DHS and the people we serve. It is my privilege and responsibility to advocate on your behalf to secure resources needed to create appropriate workloads and improve outcomes for Oregonians.

I’m looking forward to sharing more information and receiving your feedback as we move through this process. I hope you’ll look at my letter in the ARB and click through the parts of the budg​et proposal that interest you.