Vocational Rehabilitation

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VR Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessments

VR assesses the vocational rehabilitation needs of Oregonians with disabilities every three years, as required by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended). VR uses the results to develop and update its state plan for vocational rehabilitation services, and to help determine objectives and priorities.

2021   Conducted by Public Consulting Group, Inc., under contract with VR

2017   Conducted by Program and Policy Insight, LLC, under contract with VR

2013   Conducted by the Interwork Institute at San Diego State University, under contract with VR. 

VR State Plans
To be eligible for a VR grant, each state must submit and have approved a unified state plan (USP). The USP is a four-year strategy that applies to the recipient state agencies receiving VR state grants as well as the agencies administering WIOA core programs. WIOA specifies that each state's USP must describe the labor force needs in the state and how the core program authorized by WIOA will be administered, aligned, and coordinated to meet those needs. In addition, VR programs must also provide information related to staff recruitment and training, service provision and prioritization, cooperative agreements with other agencies and programs, and annual reports. The two most recent VR State Plans are provided below.​

2020 – 2023

 2016 - 2020

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