Vocational Rehabilitation

​VR welcomes student interns from Rehabilitation Counseling and related training programs.

Internships are offered ONLY for:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Human Services Assistant/VR Counselor Assistant and 
  • VR Program Administration experiences (on a case by case basis).

The focus of these internships is to assist Oregonians with Disabilities to obtain or maintain employment in their communities.

If you are looking for internship opportunities outside VR's focus please visit the State of Oregon Internship page.

To Qualify:

You must be:

  • enrolled in an accredited college or university program and be in good standing
  • seeking a degree that will assist you to be qualified to fill a VR position
  • able and willing to abide by the rules, laws, policies and procedures required by the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services and the Vocational Rehabilitation program.
  • willing and able to fully comply with the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification's Code of Ethics (CRCC Code)

VR Internship applicants must complete the DHS Volunteer Program's orientation and application process IN ADDITION TO VR's internship application process. The VR Internship Coordinator will advise you how to contact the DHS Volunteer Program once your VR Internship Application Packet has been accepted. 

All VR Intern applicants will be required to successfully pass a comprehensive background check, which may require submission of fingerprints. This background check includes a review of any/all:

  • Arrests, charges and criminal convictions
  • Elder and/or child abuse allegations, investigations and convictions
  • Driving record (if driving while on duty is required during the internship period)

Having a background that includes past criminal activity/convictions DOES NOT necessarily prohibit you from being able to successfully complete the background check.

Financial Support

VR's internship placements are generally unpaid, however if your university program qualifies and funds are available, the VR Director's Stipend program may be accepting applications. The VR Internship Coordinator can provide you with information about your eligibility, funding availability and an application form if appropriate.
Director's Stipend awards are expected to be used to offset transportation and related costs of participating in an internship at VR. Receipt of an Administrator's Stipend does not constitute an employment relationship with VR, the Department of Human Services or the State of Oregon. Receipt of the Director's Stipend may impact financial aid awarded to you or have tax liabilities; check with your university's Financial Aid office and your tax professional for specific advice.

To Apply for a VR Internship

To be considered for an internship placement, please submit:

  • A current resume (PDF format preferred)
  • A copy of your most recent university transcript (unofficial/web versions accepted, PDF format preferred)
  • A completed VR Internship Application (Word or PDF format preferred)

Have questions?

For more information about internship experiences with VR, please contact:

VR Internship Coordinator

  • Phone: 503-945-5880 or 1-877-277-0513
  • Fax: 503-947-5025​
  • Emailvr.fieldservices@dhsoha.state.or.us  (Put "Internship Request" in the subject)
  • US Mail:

    VR Internship Coordinator
    500 Summer Street NE, E-87
    Salem, OR 97301

Forms and Reference Materials